Larry Packet - Farewell 2024-07-01

State Deputy Larry Packet – Final Message & Thank You

Brother Knights

As the Columbian Year draws to a close, I extend congratulations to everyone for a job well done. We met our quota as set by Supreme, and I couldn’t be prouder of all the hard-working Knights in this province. What a terrific end to the Fraternal Year by having Weyburn Council 1731 and Saskatoon Council 8215 host Exemplifications today June 30th  welcoming five more men to the Order. Very proud State Deputy tonight as the hours tick by of all the Councils in this province.

Serving as State Deputy for two rewarding years would not have been possible without the support of every Council in Saskatchewan. Travelling 139,307 kilometres by land, 53,181 km by plane, and 590 kilometres by train kept me focused on serving you in this role. It was not only fulfilling but also a fantastic experience to meet so many Brother Knights from this province and around the world.

“Only together as a group of Catholic men can we make a difference in our communities and parishes.” These words were my guiding vision statement from the day I became State Deputy, and I believe we have realized this vision. My goal for the Order in Saskatchewan was to motivate Councils, reignite the spark in every man, incorporate prayer into our meetings, and enhance fraternity among Brothers—Faith, Fun, and Fraternity.

I am grateful for the support and determination each of you has shown in making the Saskatchewan State Team’s vision a tangible reality. We achieved this as a team, working hard to focus on this motto, which has led to success. Let’s continue to stay positive, and focused, and be the organization that men want to join. There is still much work to be done to secure the future of the Order in our province.

Eugene Achtemichuk, words cannot express my gratitude to you. Your dedicated commitment to the organization and the help you provided will always be remembered. You selflessly served the Order, enhancing every aspect of being a Knight. You continued to generously assist councils without hesitation, invigorating them to succeed and exemplifying what it means to be a dedicated husband, father, and friend every day.

I cannot express enough gratitude to our Membership Director, Dan Devers, for his unwavering determination and drive that has inspired me continuously. Dan’s embodiment of Knighthood and the extensive hours he dedicated to engaging New Knights, ensuring they too find the gift of Knighthood fulfilling, was truly remarkable. Well done, thank you, and a nod to the countless hours the Knights working alongside you have contributed.

A commendation to Ceremonials Director Paul Ponak for his exceptional work across the State. Having attended numerous Exemplifications, the profound impact you’ve had on my journey in Knighthood is indescribable. You embody the spirit of Knighthood! Your passion is evident, and it resonates when you impart lessons at Exemplifications with fervour, gravity, and authenticity. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to your role on the State Team and to all the teams that imparted the lessons of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity.

To all our esteemed District Deputies, Jim Stoffel, Jim Langen, Keith Byers, Terry Shalley, Ray Andreas, Ron Klein, Russel Slugoski, Tony Dakiniewich, Ron Koenig, John Vany, Boris Billay, Rene Gaudet, Bob Wacholtz, Lance LaCroix, Ron Denis, and Dale Meier – my heartfelt thanks for keeping the councils well-informed, for all the recruitment efforts, for embracing innovative ideas, and for your steadfast support, enthusiasm, and camaraderie during my tenure as State Deputy.

State Trainer Bob Barkman – your mentorship and the example you set have been invaluable to me in assisting others. The countless hours we spent together on the road, training, educating, learning, and strategizing our next steps were pivotal to our success in the province. Your engagement with Knights, support for councils, and sharing your extensive wisdom and knowledge about every facet of Knighthood have been immensely helpful, thank you.

A heartfelt shout out to The Mark Lewans Agency, and to Brother Mark especially. Your professionalism is evident, but it’s your enthusiasm and dedication to the order that greatly enrich our province. Congratulations on assembling such a remarkable team of Agents for our fieldwork. The fraternal aspect of our order is fortunate to have such compassionate, knowledgeable gentlemen who represent our Catholic Faith and provide exceptional service to our members. I salute you and your entire team for a job excellently done.

To my Brothers at the Saskatchewan K of C Foundation, working with you has been an immense blessing. Together, we’ve learned, grown, and educated our State Membership about the significance of sustaining our Foundation. Harvey Granatier, your efforts in driving the Foundation’s success and keeping the State apprised of our good deeds are deeply appreciated.

Thank you, Father Ed., our State Chaplain, for fostering the spiritual growth of our order. Your consistent display of sacrifice, resolve, and commitment to our Catholic Faith is a true boon to us all.

Peter Folk for your many patience posting my travels, I thank you for logging to the website and helping me celebrate and advertise our good works. You must be commended on a great job well done.

A BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL OF OUR WIVES! Please, take a moment to express gratitude for their invaluable support in enriching and promoting the Knights within our parishes. A special thank you to my wife, Judi, for giving me the chance to pursue my passion – being a Knight. Our wives are pivotal to our daily successes as men, and we often forget to acknowledge their contributions – so a heartfelt thanks to all our wives for everything they do.

WE MADE IT!!!  A tremendous thank you to the Councils for believing we could achieve our quota, and we did. Dan Devers, your additional efforts in membership management are commendable. Worthy State Warden Dale, your assistance with Star Councils is greatly appreciated, as is the unwavering support from everyone in Saskatchewan over these past two years.

My life has been greatly enriched by each event I’ve participated in, and every Knight who offered reassurance, and positive feedback, and lent a hand in any capacity to make these past two years the most rewarding of my time as a Knight. It has been an absolute honour to represent you as the State Deputy of Saskatchewan.  I want to express my gratitude and thank you for being the finest group of friends, Brothers, and Catholic Gentlemen a man could ever hope for.


Larry Packet

State Deputy of Saskatchewan

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