Our History

The first Knights of Columbus council in Saskatchewan was formed in Regina on June 17, 1907, with 64 members. Since then the Knights have grown to more than 140 councils and more than 10,000 members. Included in these numbers are several French, Ukrainian and Filipino councils.

The Knights of Saskatchewan have been active in many worthwhile projects and activities. They are involved in their parishes, communities, and youth programs, support of vocations, education and health systems. Their involvement in community life is a record of outstanding benevolent achievement. During 2003 the Knights of Saskatchewan contributed more than 1.8 million dollars and more than 850,000 hours of volunteer service to charitable causes.


Inaugural Meeting, September 26, 1909

Manitoba – Saskatchewan State Chaplains

1910-13 No Record No Record
1913-14 Bishop O.E. Mathieu Regina
1914-16 No Record No Record
1916-17 Rev. William Patton, O.M.I. No Record
1917-19 No Record No Record
1919-22 Very Rev. Dr. J.J. Blair, V. G. Winnipeg
1922-23 Rev. F. McMahon Regina

Manitoba – Saskatchewan State Deputies

1909-13 Thos. D. Deegan – Territorial Deputy (1906-09 incl Alberta) Winnipeg
1913-15 J.J. Smith Regina
1915-16 P.A. Kennedy Brandon
1916-18 J. J. Callahan Winnipeg
1918-20 J. J. Leddy – Supreme Director (1919-22) Saskatoon
1920-21 J. P. Foley Winnipeg
1921-22 J. H. O’Connor Winnipeg
1922-23 Emmet F. Collins Moose Jaw


( † indicates deceased)

Dora Etcheverry John J. Etcheverry† 1964-66
Frances Ekvall Herb Ekvall† 1968-70
Mary Lucyshyn† Nick P. Lucyshyn -Supreme Director (1974-1977)† 1972-74
Julia Saganski Peter Saganski† 1982-84
Val Kammermayer Joseph Kammermayer† 1986-88
Mary Volk Jacob Volk† 1974-76
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