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The Sask K of C Charitable Foundation is extremely pleased and proud of the support offered by our Bishops and priests for the continued growth of the Sask K of C Vocations Endowment Fund. This is best demonstrated by the video that includes all five Bishops of the Province.   Please take the time to view this video.

Thanks to the efforts of Father Michael J. McGivney, assistant pastor of St. Mary’s Church in New Haven and some of his parishioners, the Connecticut state legislature on March 29, 1882, officially chartered the Knights of Columbus as a fraternal benefit society. The Order is still true to its founding principles of charity, unity, and fraternity.

The Knights of Columbus was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. The social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief, and public relief works.

The history of the Order shows how the foresight of Father Michael J. McGivney, whose cause for sainthood is being investigated by the Vatican, brought about what has become the world’s foremost Catholic fraternal benefit society. The Order has helped families obtain economic security and stability through its life insurance, annuity, and long-term care programs, and has contributed time and energy worldwide to service in communities.

The Knights of Columbus has grown from several members in one council to 15,900 councils and 1.9 million members throughout the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, Poland, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Cuba, Guatemala, Guam, Saipan, Lithuania, Ukraine, and South Korea.

Our charitable activities encompass an almost infinite variety of local, national and international projects. From international charitable partnerships with Special Olympics, the Global Wheelchair Mission and Habitat for Humanity to our own Food for Families and Coats for Kids projects and other local charities, the opportunity to work together with fellow Knights and their families is virtually endless. In 2017, the Knights of Columbus set a new all-time record for the 19th consecutive year. Our charitable donations increased from $177 million in 2016 to a new total of $185,652,989 in 2017. In addition, we achieved our highest level of charitable service in 2017, volunteering more than 75 million hours of service.

The Knights of Columbus of Saskatchewan, in the name of Jesus Christ and through the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, strive to build the Catholic Church by developing the spiritual growth of themselves and their families, serving parishes, building communities, and by evangelizing all people according to the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. 

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic, Family, Fraternal Service Organization that includes charitable service and financial aid to our communities, parishes, families and members.

The State Deputy is the CEO of the Knights of Columbus in his jurisdiction. He inspires and leads the state officers, district deputies, and councils in his state to grow in holiness and perform charitable acts of service.

Joe Riffel
Joe Riffel
Joseph W RiffelState DeputyEmailJoe Riffel Bio
Home 2Rev. Edward GibneyState Associate ChaplainEmail
Home 3Most Reverent Bryan Bayda CSsRState ChaplainEmailCV of Bishop Bryan Bayda
Home 4Chris BencharskiImmediate Past State DeputyEmailBio of Chris Bencharski
Home 5Larry J PacketState SecretaryEmailBio of Larry Packet
Home 6Marte Clemente Marquez NogotState TreasurerEmailBio of Marte Clemente Nogot
Home 7Greg DozorecState AdvocateEmail
Agnel George
Agnel George
Agnel GeorgeState WardenEmail
Home 8Gerry J. GieniSask State Executive SecretaryEmail

Saskatchewan is a large province, and the State Board has divided the province into clusters with each board member responsible for the districts and councils in that cluster.

Battlefords Northwest14, 15, 16, 19Chris Bencharski
Prince Albert Northeast17, 18, 20, 22, 29Joe Riffel
Moose Jaw South Central / Southwest4, 6, 13Larry Packet
Saskatoon & East23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28Marte Nogot
Yorkton East Central & Weyburn10, 11, 12, 21Greg Dozorec
Regina Southeast1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9
Agnel George

See below for a map of the clusters:

Cluster Map


One of the most important positions in the Knights of Columbus, the district deputy is a key link in the chain between the Supreme/State Council and local councils.

Gerry Seidle
Gerry Seidle
Gerry SeidleDistrict 11247, 4280, 10313, 15955
Jim Stoffel
Jim Stoffel
James StoffelDistrict 28896, 9859, 10418, 13214
Home 9Jim LangenDistrict 39278, 10401, 10797, 11307, 17190
Home 9Keith ByersDistrict 41534, 2071, 2994, 3360, 3878, 9760
Rob Chapple
Rob Chapple
Rob ChappleDistrict 55914, 4704, 5949, 12415
Home 9R. Wayne JohnstonDistrict 62725, 3031, 3142, 5393, 8962, 8991
Home 12Gerald P. HoffartDistrict 75557, 6493, 10029, 10239, 12943
Home 13Raymond P AndreasDistrict 83559, 3802, 6381, 7564, 10265
Home 9To be appointedDistrict 91731, 3161, 3165, 4850, 5248, 10317, 10400
Home 9Russell E. SlugoskiDistrict 105249, 5408, 5858, 6182, 6362
Home 16Wayne A. ExnerDistrict 112031, 5182, 5201, 5320, 5965
Home 17Tony DakiniewichDistrict 125970, 6594, 7436, 8239, 8338
Home 9To be appointedDistrict 134899, 5238, 5735, 6331
Home 19Ronald P. KoenigDistrict 143575, 3920, 5474, 5549, 5707, 6169, 6684, 7150
Thomas Schwab
Thomas Schwab
Thomas I SchwabDistrict 152094, 5626, 5694, 5878, 7336
Home 20Leon A PouliotDistrict 163456, 5353, 9761, 10856
Home 9Borris A. BillayDistrict 171519, 5543, 8547, 8655, 9949
Home 22Trent ZwingliDistrict 185219, 5788, 9757, 10174
Home 9To be appointedDistrict 195256, 5259, 5479
Home 24Rene Y GaudetDistrict 203183, 5976, 6755
Home 16Wayne A. ExnerDistrict 215861, 6132, 7138, 9713
Home 26Ron WassillDistrict 223177, 5968, 7140, 7315
Home 9Fred StaniecDistrict 231886, 5838, 5850, 5946, 6395, 8752
Home 9David P SchaanDistrict 245859, 6068, 6529
Home 29Adrien L PicheDistrict 254938, 5384, 7497, 8905, 10587, 12740
Home 30Dale MeierDistrict 262695, 8215, 9539, 11429, 11888
Ron Denis
Ron Denis
Ron DenisDistrict 278279, 8301, 8638, 9538, 9690, 12156
Home 31Frank BrownDistrict 281517, 5104, 10580, 11775, 11936, 13129
Home 32Don DerangerDistrict 299277
Joe Riffel
Joe Riffel
SD Joe RiffelDistrict 30 (Inactive Councils)2430, 6044, 6588, 9647, 9848, 9860, 10315
Joe Riffel
Joe Riffel
SD Joe RiffelDistrict 31 (Inactive Councils)4848, 5117, 5411, 6467, 6489, 10316
Abel deSa
Abel deSa
Online Chairman
Abel deSa
District 32 (Saskatchewan Online)98058

Below is a list of the Knights of Columbus Councils in Saskatchewan as well as the district to which they belong.

Council AddressCouncil NameDistrict #Council #Website
ReginaSt. Martin dePorres110313
ReginaArchbishop O’Neil28896
ReginaMsgr. Gerein29859
ReginaGood Samaritan210418
ReginaResurrection213214Council 13214 Website
ReginaFr. Charles Gibney39278Council 9278 Website
ReginaHoly Trinity310401Council 10401 Website
ReginaHoly Family310797
ReginaSt. Peter’s311307
ReginaSt. John Paul II- Syro-Malabar317190
Moose JawFather Lawless41534
LisieuxLittle Flower42994
Moose JawFather Gilpin49760
ReginaFather Burns55949
ReginaSanto Nino512415
ReginaBishop Budka55914
ReginaHoly Rosary54704
Swift CurrentSwift Current63031
HodgevilleSt. Joseph’s65393
Gull LakeMsgr. A. Roy68962
Maple CreekMaple Creek68991
Fort Qu’AppleMary Immaculate710029
BalgonieFather Zimmerman710239
Indian HeadFather Joe Balzer712943
CandiacFather Felix Juzynic87564
RedversMsgr. Gaire94850
LampmanFather Michel95248
CarlyleMoose Mountain910317
LangenburgSt. Joseph’s105408
MoosominFather David Gilles105858
GeraldJohn XXIII106182
YorktonSt. Gerard’s112031Council 2031 Website
YorktonFather Delaere115182Council 5182 Website
MelvilleFather Pander115201
ItunaFather Hendrik Boels115320
GraysonFather Seltmann115965
Foam LakeFoam Lake125970
Kelvington-Rose ValleyFather Kunka126594
WynyardBishop Roborecki127436
Lestock/WishartFather Menard)128338
RosetownFather Provost135238
Fox ValleyFox Valley135735
EstonSacred Heart136331
WilkieSt. Joseph143575
LandisMount Carmel145549
LuselandSt. Eugene de Mazenod146684
Tramping LakeSt. Michael’s147150
North BattlefordNorth Battleford152094
BattlefordFather Bigonesse155626
Vawn/EdamJohn XXIII155694
North BattlefordSt. Joseph Calasanctius157336
ShellbrookSt. Agatha169761
LeovilleFather Phil Relland1610856Council 10856 Website
Prince AlbertSacred Heart171519
Prince AlbertSt. Mark175543Council 5543 Website
Prince AlbertSt. Joseph178547
Prince AlbertSt. George’s178655St. George’s Knights of Columbus Council No. 8655 Prince Albert
Prince AlbertSt. Michael179949
TisdaleSt. John Bosco185219
MelfortPope John XXIII185788
St. BrieuxFather Barbier189757
NaicamSt. George’s1810174
St. WalburgFather Hermes195256
Meadow LakeMeadow Lake195259
GoodsoilFather Schultz195479
WakawSt. Therse205976
St. LouisSt. Louis206755
CanoraFather Decorby215861
KamsackFather Ruelle216132
Preeceville-SturgisFather Novak217138
RamaOur Lady of Lourdes219713
Zenon ParkZenon Park223177
Hudson BayFather Desmond225968
Carrot RiverCanadian Martyrs227140
NipawinPope John Paul I227315
HumboldtHumboldt231886Humboldt Council #1886
AnnaheimSt. Peter’s235838
WatsonSt. Paul’s235850
Lake LenoreLake Lenore235946
MuensterAbbot Bruno Doerfler238752
LaniganFather Sinnett246068
ViscountSt. Alphonse246529
Prud’hommeRocky Hills257497
SaskatoonHoly Spirit258905
SaskatoonSt. Augustine2510587Council 10587 Website
OutlookImmaculate Heart of Mary2512740
SaskatoonSacred Heart Chaldean Church262695
SaskatoonDenis Mahoney268215Council 8215 Website
SaskatoonSt. Philip Neri269539
SaskatoonSan Lorenzo Ruiz2611429
SaskatoonMary Mother of the Church2611888
SaskatoonMsgr. Robinson278279Council 8279 Website
SaskatoonSt. Anne’s278638
SaskatoonMother of Perpetual Help279538
MartensvilleImmaculate Heart of Mary279690
SaskatoonSt. Peter the Apostle2712156Council 12156 Website
SaskatoonFather O’Leary285104
SaskatoonSt. Thomas More College2810580
SaskatoonSS Peter & Paul2811775
SaskatoonSt. John Bosco2811936
SaskatoonSt. Josaphat Kunsevich2813129
LaRonge I/ALaRonge I/A299277
Holdfast I/AHoldfast I/A302430
Cut Knife I/ACut Knife I/A309647
Saskatoon I/ASaskatoon I/A309848
Oxbow I/AOxbow I/A3010315
Kerrobert I/AKerrobert I/A306588
Prelate I/APrelate I/A314848
Watrous I/AWatrous I/A315117
Bruno I/ABruno I/A315411
Lancer I/ALancer I/A316330
Leader I/ALeader I/A316467
ValMarie I/AValMarie I/A316489
Norquay I/ANorquay I/A3110316

Below is a list of the founding dates for the various Knights of Columbus Councils in Saskatchewan, as well as the approximate number of members in each council.

Council Formation Dates

Council Names, Locations, Districts, Formation Dates, and count as of March 2020
Council NumberCouncil NameDistrictCouncil AddressFormatted DateCountOfCouncil Number
1519Sacred Heart17Prince Albert1911-01-1071
1534Father Lawless4Moose Jaw2001-02-10241
2031St. Gerard’s11Yorkton1919-09-08171
2094North Battleford15North Battleford1920-01-24105
2430Holdfast I/A30Holdfast I/A1922-12-263
2994Little Flower4Lisieux1946-06-1620
3031Swift Current6Swift Current1947-03-23116
3177Zenon Park22Zenon Park1948-10-1173
3575St. Joseph14Wilkie1952-11-2488
4704Holy Rosary1Regina1959-01-18149
4850Msgr. Gaire9Redvers1959-09-2978
5104Father O’Leary28Saskatoon1961-03-1991
5117Watrous I/A31Watrous I/A1961-04-1615
5182Father Delaere11Yorkton1961-10-08113
5201Father Pander11Melville1962-01-1876
5219St. John Bosco18Tisdale1962-01-0543
5238Father Provost13Rosetown1962-03-1162
5248Father Michel9Lampman1962-03-1949
5256Father Hermes19St. Walburg1962-03-2544
5259Meadow Lake19Meadow Lake1962-04-1594
5320Father Hendrik Boels11Ituna1962-09-1654
5393St. Joseph’s6Hodgeville1963-04-0640
5408St. Joseph’s10Langenburg1963-05-1233
5411Bruno I/A31Bruno I/A1963-04-0925
5479Father Schultz19Goodsoil1963-11-2659
5543St. Mark17Prince Albert1964-05-1277
5549Mount Carmel14Landis1964-04-2456
5626Father Bigonesse15Battleford1964-10-23125
5694John XXIII15Vawn/Edam1965-04-2258
5735Fox Valley13Fox Valley1965-06-1894
5788Pope John XXIII18Melfort1966-01-30109
5838St. Peter’s23Annaheim1966-03-3126
5850St. Paul’s23Watson1966-04-2838
5858Father David Gilles10Moosomin1966-05-0750
5861Father Decorby21Canora1966-05-1442
5914Bishop Budka2Regina1966-12-0781
5946Lake Lenore23Lake Lenore1967-04-0274
5949Father Burns3Regina1967-04-1695
5965Father Seltmann31Grayson1967-05-0831
5968Father Desmond22Hudson Bay1967-05-0741
5970Foam Lake12Foam Lake1967-05-1028
5976St. Therse20Wakaw1967-05-1825
6068Father Sinnett24Lanigan1968-09-1163
6132Father Ruelle21Kamsack1969-01-1733
6182John XXIII10Gerald1969-08-2538
6330Lancer I/A31Lancer I/A1971-10-1320
6331Sacred Heart13Eston1971-12-0518
6467Leader I/A31Leader I/A1973-04-042
6489ValMarie I/A31ValMarie I/A1973-03-2116
6529St. Alphonse24Viscount1973-12-0244
6594Father Kunka12Kelvington-Rose Valley1974-05-0864
6684St. Eugene de Mazenod14Luseland1975-04-1341
6755St. Louis20St. Louis1976-01-1682
7138Father Novak21Preeceville-Sturgis1978-06-1124
7140Canadian Martyrs22Carrot River1978-06-1128
7150St. Michael’s14Tramping Lake1978-06-0731
7315Pope John Paul I22Nipawin1979-04-2552
7336St. Joseph Calasanctius15North Battleford1979-05-07139
7436Bishop Roborecki12Wynyard1979-11-1437
7497Rocky Hills25Prud’homme1980-02-1148
7564Father Felix Juzynic8Candiac1980-04-1035
8215Denis Mahoney26Saskatoon1982-10-28242
8279Msgr. Robinson27Saskatoon1983-01-24116
8338Father Menard)12Lestock/Wishart1983-03-3035
8547St. Joseph17Prince Albert1984-01-06153
8638St. Anne’s27Saskatoon1984-04-09160
8655St. George’s17Prince Albert1984-03-2758
8752Abbot Bruno Doerfler23Muenster1984-06-1950
8896Archbishop O’Neil2Regina1985-05-08116
8905Holy Spirit25Saskatoon1985-03-29260
8962Msgr. A. Roy6Gull Lake1985-04-1719
8991Maple Creek6Maple Creek1985-05-0521
9277LaRonge I/A29LaRonge I/A1986-04-0615
9278Fr. Charles Gibney1Regina1986-04-0686
9538Mother of Perpetual Help27Saskatoon1987-04-15101
9539St. Philip Neri26Saskatoon1987-04-15148
9647Cut Knife I/A30Cut Knife1987-04-153
9690Immaculate Heart of Mary27Martensville1987-06-1179
9713Our Lady of Lourdes21Rama1988-02-0436
9757Father Barbier18St. Brieux1988-03-2175
9760Father Gilpin4Moose Jaw1988-03-2376
9761St. Agatha16Shellbrook1988-03-1567
9848Saskatoon I/A30Saskatoon I/A1988-06-026
9859Msgr. Gerein2Regina1988-06-2076
9949St. Michael17Prince Albert1988-11-2463
10029Mary Immaculate7Fort Qu’Apple1989-03-2836
10174St. George’s18Naicam1989-11-1923
10239Father Zimmerman7Balgonie1990-01-1656
10313St. Martin dePorres1Regina1990-04-0545
10315Oxbow I/A30Oxbow I/A1990-04-064
10316Norquay I/A31Norquay I/A1990-04-088
10317Moose Mountain9Carlyle1990-04-0955
10401Holy Trinity3Regina1990-06-0979
10418Good Samaritan2Regina1990-06-2448
10580St. Thomas More College28Saskatoon1991-03-2956
10587St. Augustine25Saskatoon1991-04-1685
10797Holy Family3Regina1992-02-06144
10856Father Phil Relland16Leoville1992-04-1238
11307St. Peter’s3Regina1994-04-1569
11429San Lorenzo Ruiz26Saskatoon1994-09-12262
11775SS Peter & Paul28Saskatoon1996-04-26110
11888Mary Mother of the Church26Saskatoon1996-10-2796
11936St. John Bosco28Saskatoon1997-03-0969
12156St. Peter the Apostle27Saskatoon1998-02-1563
12415Santo Nino3Regina1999-03-29175
12740Immaculate Heart of Mary25Outlook2000-06-0522
12943Father Joe Balzer)7Indian Head2001-03-2916
13129St. Josaphat Kunsevich28Saskatoon2002-06-2355
17190St. John Paul II- Syro-Malabar3Regina2018-10-1735

State Program Directors organize and lead the faith, family, community, and life programs that occur state-wide. They collaborate with council-level program directors.

Eugene Achtemichuk
Eugene Achtemichuk
State General Program DirectorEugene Achtimichuk[email protected]
Gerry Gieni
Gerry Gieni
State Executive Secretary[email protected]
Mike Bzdel
Mike Bzdel
Marion Prayer Program (Icon)Mike Bzdell
Harvey Granatier
Harvey Granatier
RSVP & VocationsSask Char Fndtn Committee C/O Pres Harvey Granatier
Wayne Exner
Wayne Exner
Silver RoseWayne A Exner
Mike Bzdel
Mike Bzdel
Priest’s Sports DayMike Bzdell
Spiritual EnrichmentC#8215 Committee
Brian Schatz
Brian Schatz
KofC Sask Representative for the  Catholic Connections CommitteeBrian Schatz (PSD)
Brian Schatz
Brian Schatz
KofC Sask Rep to the Catholic Congress Saskatchewan Feasibility/Organizing CommitteeBrian Schatz (PSD)
John Marshall
John Marshall
Community DIRECTORJohn Marshall
Disaster PreparednessHarvey S Hill
Helping HandsHarvey S Hill
Shawn Scherr
Shawn Scherr
Coats for KidsShawn D Scherr
Shawn Scherr
Shawn Scherr
Wheel Chair FoundationShawn D Scherr
Rejean Houle
Rejean Houle
Habitat for HumanityRejean E Houle
Cody Geiger
Cody Geiger
BBFT ChampionshipCody Geiger
Cody Geiger
Cody Geiger
Soccer ChallengeCody Geiger
John Marshall
John Marshall
Catholic Citizenship EssayJohn Marshall
John Marshall
John Marshall
Substance Abuse AwarenessJohn Marshall
Shawn Scherr
Shawn Scherr
Celebrity DinnerMike Cey & Shawn Scherr (C/O C#8215)
Family DirectorJeff M Krasowski
Alex Ogrodnick
Alex Ogrodnick
Culture of Life DIRECTORAlex J.S. Ogrodnick
Marches for LifeLouis L Roth
Pregnancy Center SupportLouis L Roth
Wayne Exner
Wayne Exner
Silver Rose ProgramWayne A Exner
Terry Shalley, State Rep for K of C and Special Olympics
Terry Shalley, State Rep for K of C and Special Olympics
Special OlympicsTerry D. Shalley
Gerald Weigers Culture of Life Chair
Gerald Weigers
Culture of Life Chair
Conscience Protect ChairmanGerald Weigers
Dan Devers
Dan Devers
Membership DirectorDan W. Devers
Abel deSa
Abel deSa
Online MembershipAbel deSa
Brian Schatz
Brian Schatz
Council Reactivation/ MergerBrian Schatz (PSD)
Chris Bencharski
Chris Bencharski
Membership Retention ChairmanChris Bencharski (PSD)
Chris Bencharski
Chris Bencharski
Northern Sask Council/Member Retention/Reactivation ChairmanChris Bencharski (PSD)
Brian Schatz
Brian Schatz
Southern Sask Council/Member Retention/Reactivation ChairmanBrian Schatz (PSD)
Al Dion
Al Dion
Round TableAlbert W Dion
New Council Development?? SD to take position ??
Marte Clemente Nogot
Marte Clemente Nogot
Cultural Diversity ChairmanMarte Clemente Nogot (WST)
Mark Lewans
Mark Lewans
Insurance Promotion ChairmanMark J Lewans
Denis Carignan
Denis Carignan
Ceremonials DirectorDenis A.F. Carignan (PSD)
PR & Communications Chairman State Webmaster, Editor of Saskatchewan Knightline, Editor of weekly GK/FS/CC Bulletin
PR & Communications Chairman
State Webmaster, Editor of Saskatchewan Knightline, Editor of weekly GK/FS/CC Bulletin
State PR & CommunicationsPeter Folk
PR & Communications Chairman State Webmaster, Editor of Saskatchewan Knightline, Editor of weekly GK/FS/CC Bulletin
PR & Communications Chairman
State Webmaster, Editor of Saskatchewan Knightline, Editor of weekly GK/FS/CC Bulletin
Newsletter / Bulletin EditorPeter Folk
PR & Communications Chairman State Webmaster, Editor of Saskatchewan Knightline, Editor of weekly GK/FS/CC Bulletin
PR & Communications Chairman
State Webmaster, Editor of Saskatchewan Knightline, Editor of weekly GK/FS/CC Bulletin
WebmasterPeter Folk
Bob Barkman
Bob Barkman
State TrainerRobert Barkman (PSD)
Eugene Achtemichuk
Eugene Achtemichuk
Awards DirectorEugene Achtimichuk
Larry Packet
Larry Packet
State Council Activities DirectorLarry Packet (WSS)
Fr McGivney GuideGreg Dozorec (WSA)
ProtocolGreg Dozorec (WSA)
Glen Hauser
Glen Hauser
State SurveyGlen Hauser
Glen Hauser
Glen Hauser

PR & Communications Chairman State Webmaster, Editor of Saskatchewan Knightline, Editor of weekly GK/FS/CC Bulletin
PR & Communications Chairman
State Webmaster, Editor of Saskatchewan Knightline, Editor of weekly GK/FS/CC Bulletin
State IT CommitteeGlen Hauser & Peter Folk
Richard Colbow
Richard Colbow
Charity AppealRichard D. Colbow
Harvey Granatier
Harvey Granatier
Sask Charitable FoundationSCF-President Harvey Granatier

State Deputy's Message


Joseph Riffel
Joseph Riffel
Each month, State Deputy Joseph Riffel has an encouraging message in the Saskatchewan Knightline, a monthly newsletter for Knights of Columbus members and their families. Read the messages here.


State Chaplain's Message


Home 33
Bishop Bryan Bayda CSsR

Home 34
Father Ed Gibney

Each month, Associate State Chaplain Bishop Bryan Bayda CSsR or State Chaplain Father Ed Gibney shares an inspirational message for knights and their families. Read the messages here.

State Program Director's Message


Home 35
Eugene Achtemichuk

Each month, State Program Director Eugene Achtemichuk has a message about getting active and recording all the activities in the Saskatchewan Knightline, a monthly newsletter for Knights of Columbus members and their families. Read the message here.

Knights of Columbus Agency


Home 36
Mark Lewans

Mark Lewans, our General Agent for Saskatchewan shares an important message about keeping your insurance paid up. Read his monthly message here.

Cultural Diversity


Home 37
Marte Clemente Nogot

Each month, Cultural Diversity Chairman Marte Clemente Nogot shares an inspirational message on how we can become better Knights by embracing Cultural Diversity. Read his monthly message here.

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