Prayer Request – PSD Nestor Trach – Update #2

Dear Brother Knights of Sask.

Today’s Update -October 8, 2019

Dad has had a couple of good days where things have progressed well. Sunday his stomach and bowels began functioning. Monday he was able to go for a shower. Today the nasal gastric tube came out. They are still keeping a close eye on his kidney function to make sure everything is going well. They are also watching his oxygen and blood levels just to be sure that they are progressing as well. He is on blood thinners, so the blood levels are very important. 

One of the great things is that Dad has been doing what he can, and he is determined to get better. There is great strength there. People have also been asking about Mom. She is doing well and is being well taken care of. Claudia and Brian are with her all day at the hospital. Les, Audrey, Ken and I get there when we can and our work schedules allow. Jordan and Jackie have allowed us to move in and sleep and eat there and we enjoy their great breakfasts and suppers. Nolan and Kaley, Kendall and Blake, and Rachel and Bryden also live in Martensville/Saskatoon and have been a great support with visiting and having us over. We know we can impose on all of them at any time, but it is nice to have one place to open the suitcase and leave it there. Jesse & Shelby, Brett & Emily and their boys have also been up to visit and both Grandma and Grandpa are delighted seeing them. 

We are all grateful for the calls, texts, and prayers. 

We have great hope that he will be in a regular ward by the weekend and then visitors will be welcome. Thanks for all the prayers. There is still lots of healing needed, so thanks for continuing the prayers. 

sent by Nestor’s daughter Bev Trach

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Prayer Request – Pat Meuse

Just a quick note to let you know I have been diagnosed with a tumor on my left kidney. I will be having surgery to remove the kidney in the next few weeks. Please feel free to let everyone know.

Pat Meuse MMM, CD, PGK PFN
Master, District of Saskatchewan