State Secretary’s Message – May 2020

Greetings my Brother Knights.

We continue to live during these trying Covid-19 times. Things are starting to re-open to the public, but unfortunately, our Churches are not one of the areas we can visit yet. As Knights, we are used to be helping in & supporting our Parishes, or working in our communities, doing all of the charitable things we normally do. Even though we can’t do many of these things, there are other ways we can help and support our Parishes and communities.

By now, I am hoping that everyone has learned about the new Supreme program: “Leave No Neighbor Behind”. If you haven’t, please contact your Grand Knight and Financial Secretary ASAP. If you need some extra information, please contact SGPD Eugene Achtemichuk for assistance. In addition to this program, I wish to continue my challenge from last month for every member to do 4 things at this time: Reach out to your family members (aunts and uncles or cousins you only see at weddings); reach out to your neighbours, especially the elderly ones who may need help getting medications or supplies; reach out to your Parish Priest and see how he is doing: and reach out to a Brother Knight. Does everyone still have a job? Do they need some food? Do they need any assistance whatsoever? Even just spending some time sharing a cup of coffee over a Skype meeting might be a great help to anyone.

As we move forward, we are continuing to plan State events for the future as well as cancelling other events. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 issue, we will continue to face challenges with some current events (State Golf) being officially cancelled in their physical state.  The Organizational Meeting, as well as the Clergy Sports Day in July, will most likely be cancelled in their physical forms; but there will be a virtual Org meeting to share information as part of the need for training and idea-sharing. And we continue to monitor other events as we get closer to them. We thank you for your continued patience.

We will be distributing the Charity Appeal cheques very soon. Boxes will be sent to some key areas of the province and we will work on the distribution to the local councils from those points. Details will be confirmed shortly, just working on the plan.

I continue to look for locations and Councils (Districts) that can host some of the State events in the future. While it may seem a long way away for some events, the further we plan out, the better prepared we can be. Who knew a year ago we would not be able to have a State Convention? No one saw that as a possibility. But, with the cooperation of a few key members and their Councils, we can make adjustments. And life will continue; it may be a bit different for a while, but we will get through this together.

If your Council is interested in hosting an event, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email at [email protected] . Information is on the State website at There is a button “Documents and Forms” above the FOLLOW US icons (top right corner), click here. The application forms are listed here. Please note, due to the variety of events we have, each is adjudicated at different periods before the event, it ranges from 6 months to 3 years. We recognize some events take more planning than others as well as the resources to hold these events.

Thank you to all the Knights who have hosted any activities promoting the Knights of Columbus within their Communities.

And “thanks” for doing everything you do in the name of the Knights of Columbus.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy. Take care.


Joe Riffel

Joseph Riffel
State Secretary / State Council Activities Director


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