State Secretary’s Message – March 2020

Greetings my Brother Knights.

My report for this month was submitted a bit late to Bro Peter Folk because the deadline was during the Men’s Spiritual Enrichment Weekend. So, thanks Bro Peter for letting me get it in a bit late. The MSEW event was fantastic. While we know the Covid-19 issue seems to be taking over the world right now, it was just awesome to see the men (and their families for portions) at the event. The speakers (André Regnier and Bishop Mark Hagemoen) spoke with passion on the various topics; some had their ups and downs, but all very necessary. Asking men to “step into the Breach”; how do we strive to the call of “Holiness”; we have Faith and Love, but we are missing “Hope”; are we “Intentional Missionary Disciples” were just a few things mentioned. The ‘retreat’ ended with the Eucharist Adoration and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The Face-to-Face group powerfully provided prayer & music throughout the weekend (very well done and appreciated).

I would like to say “Thank you” to the hosting committee for doing a fabulous job. Following the weekend’s event, Council #8215 (Denis Mahoney Council) hosted the Saskatchewan official launch of the new combined Degree ceremony: the exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. Thanks to WGK Roland LaFleche for being a fabulous host for the weekends’ events. There were 23 men (and their families) who participated and received the 3rd degree in the new ceremony in the Church. The State assembled team set a perfect example of how the new Degree should be delivered to all. A job well done!!

Currently, I do not have any applications to host next year’s Men’s Spiritual Enrichment weekend. But, wouldn’t it be great if we had many applicants and could host this event across the province next year? Just thinking out loud. I am certain the Bishops would love if the men met in each diocese held an event promoting the Spiritual Growth of Faith in men. Otherwise, we do have some events scheduled for the next few months. But there are others that we do not have applications (or even interest) for (2021-Curling, Golf, Charity Appeal, …). Please review the Calendar of State Activities and consider your Council (or even District) hosting any of these events. If you need any information about what would be needed, please contact me for more information ( or call me at home (306-343-6696).

I have a couple of follow up notes about the Online Membership. Last month I announced my son joined the Knights of Columbus online (Proud Dad moment). Since he has joined, we now get 2 copies of Supreme’s Columbia magazine in the mail (yup, both arrived on the same day). He has gotten emails from Supreme (one every ~couple of weeks) on a new topic of discussion. I know the one I read on the need for prayer was extremely well written. Having read these, it would be great for our “regular members” to get these emails. 😊 Reminder, if you are signing people up online, use the PROMO CODE KNIGHTS2020, have them enter the ‘preferred Council # as ‘98058’ so they will receive the latest State Rebate (currently $20 in the mail). Meaning the online membership costs $5. Try to get these members active with some Council activities so they can start to experience what we are about. Then, after a couple/few months, look at getting them to transfer into your Council.

And, last but not least, the convention: this year is an election year (technically every year is an election year, at all positions). With people hopefully moving up, people taking time off from current positions, we are always looking for new energy and new ideas. Whether it be on the State Board or as a District Deputy or a Program Director/Chairman, we are always in need of men to help run the State Council. If you are interested or know of someone interested, please forward the names to either the Worthy State Deputy or our State Executive Secretary or myself or any State Board officer. If people have questions about the rolls, we can provide that too.

Thanks for all that you do as members of the Knights of Columbus.

Joe Riffel

Joseph Riffel
State Secretary / State Council Activities Director


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