State Secretary’s Message – January 2020

Dear Brother Knights of Saskatchewan,

Greetings my Brother Knights. Happy New Year. Having just watched the latest webinar by Supreme, I wanted to highlight many of the things discussed during the evening’s program and pose things in a way that questions what we are doing.

We are half-way through the Columbian year and now is a great time to evaluate the Council. We should identify what went right and what didn’t go so well. Now is the time to make some adjustments for the better. How is the Council’s performance? Are we recruiting? Are we promoting insurance to our members? Are we doing quality programs? Communications: are we making personal contact or just sending emails hoping for members to read them. Are we being leaders in our Councils or just being managers? Do Councils use the “I am a Knight” card when recruiting? Are we communicating with our Parish Priests? Have we tried to make contact with our “lapsed members” (those guys we don’t see and just pay dues)? Have we reached out to them, inviting them back or acknowledging their activities? Can the Council do a survey through the Parish asking about how well the Knights are serving the parish (expecting positive and constructive criticisms)? Have we made training a priority (executive and recruiting)? How well do we know the “Faith in Action” program and the programs it promotes? Do we work in partnership with our Field Agents? Has the Council completed the Fraternal Survey (form 1728)? Is the Council aware of the renewed Start Council incentive ($4.50 / member for achieving Star Council)? While yes there were many more things discussed, these were the main things that stood out for me to share and to focus on.

I do hope members are watching the Supreme’s webinars when they are able. The information can provide insight or confirmation on the activities of the Council and provide information for advancement.

If anyone ever has any questions about any topics relevant to the Knights, please do not hesitate to email me or any State Board member for help, we are here to help serve the Councils.

Thank you for all you do in the name of the Knights of Columbus.

Joe Riffel

Joseph Riffel
State Secretary / State Council Activities Director


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