State Secretary’s Message – April 2020

Greetings my Brother Knights.

We are living in some non-traditional times due to the Coronavirus Covid-19. As Knights, we are used to be helping in & supporting our Parishes, or working in our communities, doing all of the charitable things we normally do. I know many Councils had plans for various activities; Council Anniversaries, monthly Admission degrees (now the Combined Exemplification), some membership Blitzes and other Council fundraising events like fish fries, etc… However, due to the Federal & Provincial powers that be, we are unable to do so at this time. I am hoping we will be able to do some of these events soon, but I also realize many won’t happen. Please note, there are things we can do during these times. I am hoping by now everyone has learned about the new Supreme program: “Leave No Neighbor Behind”. If you haven’t, please contact your Grand Knight and Financial Secretary ASAP. If you need some extra information, please contact SGPD Eugene Achtemichuk for assistance. In Addition to this program, I would challenge every member to do 4 things at this time: Reach out to your family members (aunts and uncles or cousins you only see at weddings); reach out to your neighbours, especially the elderly ones who may need help getting medications or supplies; reach out to your Parish Priest and see how he is doing: and reach out to a Brother Knight. Does everyone still have a job? Do they need some food or assistance elsewhere? Now is the time to stand united and show the world why the Knights of Columbus is important in the world today. In time, and as opportunities come up, we can invite men to join us in our efforts as they will have seen what we have done to help during these trying times.

As we move forward, we are continuing to plan State events for the future. While I know people have concerns, and we continue to face challenges with some current events (State Convention, State Golf) being cancelled in their physical state. The State Convention will continue as a “Telephone conference”. And we know, based on history and the seemingly endless speeches by our political leaders, life will go on. We may have to modify our habits, but we will continue with our lives, developing our Faith, supporting our Priests and Brother Knights, and families. We will, at one point, resume having our KofC Social events; some for training, some for information exchange, some for fundraising, and some purely for fraternity. So I continue to look for locations and Councils (Districts) that can host some of these events in the future.

If your Council is interested in hosting an event, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email at [email protected]. Information is on the State website at There is a button “Documents and Forms” above the FOLLOW US icons (top right corner), click here. The application forms are listed here. Please note, due to the variety of events we have, each is adjudicated at different periods before the event, it ranges from 6 months to 3 years. We recognize some events take more planning than others as well as the resources to hold these events.

Thank you to all the Knights who have hosted any activities promoting the Knights of Columbus within their Communities. And “thanks” for doing everything you do in the name of the Knights of Columbus.

NOTE: During the next few months, we will be monitoring the “Health Guidelines & Protocols” for each event currently being scheduled. We may have to make decisions based on the information and timelines we have for each event. We will update all as we learn new information. Thanks for your continued patience.

Keep up the GOoD work you do, all in the name of the Knights of Columbus.

Joe Riffel

Joseph Riffel
State Secretary / State Council Activities Director


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