State Program Director's Message

State Program Director’s Message – May 2021

Brother Knights:

 2020-2021 Fraternal Year Final Month – Checklist

Forms due to Supreme – all forms to be submitted Online

  • Form #10784 – Fraternal Programs Report Form – due June 30.
  • Email a copy of the completed Form #10784 to
  • Form #SP-7 – Columbian Award Application – due June 30.
  • Only for this Fraternal Year, Supreme has eased the criteria for councils to achieve the Columbian Award.
  • Councils must earn 10 program activities or credits – two each in the Faith, Family, Community and Life categories, and two additional program activities among the four categories.
  • There are no longer any “Required Programs”.
  • Featured programs count for two program activities or credits, so long as the Featured Program Minimum Requirements are completed.
  • Submit the Columbian Award Application as soon as your council has completed 10 program activities or credits.
  • Form #2863 – RSVP Refund Application – due June 30.
  • Form #10057 – Food for Families Refund Application – due June 30.
  • Form #185 – Report of Officers Chosen for the Term – due June 30.
  • Form #365Service Program Personnel Report – due August 1.
  • Form #1295Semi-annual Council Audit – due August 15.
  • Forms are available on the Supreme website  
  • Continue the FIA and LNNB programs for the remainder of this fraternal year.
  • Continue to work with your pastor and district deputy on the COVID Recovery Plan (CRP) for your council and parish community. Information is available at
  • Councils should have their election of officers and director positions for the 2021-2022 Fraternal Year completed by June 15. Please submit Forms #185 & #365 promptly to Supreme after your elections.

 Faith in Action (FIA) and Leave No Neighbor Behind (LNNB) Programs: 

  • Councils should continue to promote and carry out FIA and LNNB programs. All required up-to-date information and forms for these programs are on the Supreme website
  • Consider the following programs for your council to put their Faith in Action:
  • Faith: Into the Breach – a series of 12 motivational videos. For program resources, visit or
  • Faith: Rosary Program – rosary is a powerful prayer, not only for Knights but for the entire family. For program resources, visit
  • Family: Family Week – is a perfect way to bring people together in faith and community and joyfully welcome families back to parish life.
  • Family: Family of the Month – recognize a family in your parish for all the good work they do for the parish and community. Supreme has added a new resource – 4”x6” icon of the Holy Family.  Icons can be ordered from Supplies Online and presented as a gift to your council’s Family of the Month.  In the past three months, only two councils in Saskatchewan have submitted Form #10784 to Supreme for this program.   For program resources, visit
  • Community: Leave No Neighbor Behind – we are encouraged to engage in five types of service activities – support your Brother Knights, support your parish, support your community, feed the hungry and participate in blood drives. For program resources, visit
  • Life: Mass for Family with Special Needs – reach out to your pastor and see what you can do to help find new ways to make the sacraments more accessible to people with disabilities during this Covid pandemic. For program resources, visit
  • I encourage all councils to submit Form #10784 – Fraternal Programs Report Form Online as soon as their program is completed. Don’t forget to email a copy of the completed form to

Fraternal Leader Advisory

2021-22 Fraternal Leader Success Planner

  • The 2021-2022 Fraternal Planneris now available as a PDF download.  Copies of the Fraternal Planner will be mailed to each council beginning in June.
  • I encourage all councils to hold a review of your 2020-2021 fraternal year – focus on which membership initiatives and programming activities worked and which could be improved. What new program or programs does your council plan to institute during the upcoming fraternal year?

 Upcoming State Events

  • State Golf 2021 – Spiritwood – June 11-13 – CANCELLED
  • For more information on State events, please visit

 Thank you for all you do for the Knights.  

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Leave No Neighbor Behind.

Eugene Achtemichuk

Vivat Jesus
Eugene Achtemichuk
State General Program Director

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