State Program Director’s Message – March 2020

Brother Knights,

Faith in Action Program Model

  • We are a few weeks into Lent. Have you met with your pastor to discuss ways the council can support the parish during Lent?
  • Consider the following programs for your council to put their Faith in Action:
  • Faith – Holy Hour – join your brother Knights in an hour of prayer before the King of Kings this Lent. Consider praying the Sorrowful Mysteries as part of your Holy Hour of eucharistic adoration.
  • Faith – Into the Breach – a series of 12 motivational videos were launched on Ash Wednesday. Watch them as a group or individually. Videos seek to answer the question of what it means to be a Catholic man and how to live as a man in today’s world.
  • Family – Food for Families – during Lent, please remember those in need. Remember those who are less fortunate than we are.
  • To find up-to-date information about all Faith in Action programs, general announcements and form updates, check out the website at
  • The link for Building the Domestic Church: The Family Fully Alive is

 2019-2020 Program Reporting

  • The deadline for receiving the listed reports below at State Office is March 20, 2020. No exceptions. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • 10784 – Fraternal Programs Report Form
  • 10680 – Family of the Year Entry Form
  • STSP – State Council Service Program Awards Entry Form

 These forms are used to determine State Awards at the State Convention.

2020 State Convention – Prince Albert – April 24-26

  • The State Convention, as a physical gathering, in Prince Albert is cancelled.
  • Saskatchewan has alternate plans to hold a virtual convention which will include using some software that is presently being looked at by Supreme. Further details will be sent to councils as soon as more information is made available.
  • Thank you to all the councils that submitted their Fraternal Programs Report Form, Family of the Year Form and STSP – State Council Service Program Awards Entry Form. The State Program Directors are currently reviewing all your Fraternal Programs Report Forms and will be selecting, for each of the categories, the top best well-rounded Faith in Action program for that category. Activity Program Awards will be based on three levels – councils over 80 members, councils with 51 to 80 members and councils under 50 members. The state will go ahead with awards to councils. The lists will be printed in the convention book. Awards will be sent to DDs to present to councils. 
  • STSP Form – for each of the following Service Program Categories – Faith, Family, Community and Life, from all the submitted reports, one council from each category, will be selected for the award. The state will go ahead with awards to councils. The lists will be printed in the convention book. Awards will be sent to DDs to present to councils. 
  • Family of the Year Entry Form – from all submitted reports, one family will be selected

Safe Environment – Office of Youth Protection:

  • Safe Environment compliance is required for all awards, including the Star Council award.
  • Remain compliant with updated Safe Environment requirements (see for details).

Upcoming State Events

  • State Golf – Regina – June 5-7
  • Clergy Sports Day – Muenster – July 20-21
  • For more information on these events, please visit

Regularly meet with your pastor to discuss Faith in Action programs.

Thank you for all you do for the Knights. If you have any questions about the new “Faith in Action” programs, please feel free to contact me.

A Blessed Lenten Season to all Brother Knights and their families.


Eugene Achtemichuk

Vivat Jesus
Eugene Achtemichuk
State General Program Director

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