State Program Director’s Message – August 7, 2020

Council Reminders – Forms Due:

  • Form 185 – Council Officers Chosen for Term – was due July 1st
  • Form 365 – Service Program Personnel Report – was due August 1st

This form is critical to starting the process of safe environment certification.

  • Form 1295 – Semiannual Council Audit – is due August 15th
  • Form 10784 Online – All councils to submit their completed programs, once completed or monthly, to Supreme and State ([email protected]). 

 Faith in Action and Leave No Neighbor Behind Programs:

  • The Faith in Action program has quality faith-filled programs that engage the family. Councils should continue doing programs that best fit the needs of their parishes and local communities.
  • As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Leave No Neighbor Behind Program will continue throughout this coming fraternal year. Councils are encouraged to do the activities outlined in this program – support your Brother Knights, support your parish, support your community, feed the hungry, and participate in blood drives.
  • All required up to date information and forms for the Faith in Action and Leave No Neighbor Behind Programs are on Supreme Website (

Form SP-7 – Columbian Award Application:

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Supreme has changed the Program requirements for this year.
  • You still have to complete 16 programs for the year with 4 programs in each Program Category.
  • This year there are 16 Featured Programs – 4 in each Program Category. Featured Programs will count for 2 of the 4 programs in the category.  The requirements for the Featured Programs are available on the Supreme Website (
  • A list of all Featured Programs is available on the Supreme Website (
  • There will be no required programs. Councils can still do these programs and they will count on your SP-7.  
  • Form SP-7 – needs to be submitted by June 30.

Hockey Challenge Program:

  • New Community Category Program.  It is similar to the Free Throw Championship and Soccer Challenge.
  • Order the Hockey Challenge Playbook from Supreme along with the Hockey Challenge Kit #HC-Kit.
Eugene Achtemichuk

Vivat Jesus
Eugene Achtemichuk
State General Program Director

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