State Membership Director Report for September 2020

It is very difficult to do all of our good deeds and charitable work that we have on our books for the coming year because of our current situation, but we can not sit back and wait till this is over as there is much to do.

Firstly, congratulations on us for getting 32 new members over the summer months. This is good, but our objective is for more men to join our councils. Don’t think of it as a duty, but rather as a program. One we must all do to obtain our membership goals. Embrace your parish community and think about the Leave No Neighbour Behind program and start calling each and every catholic gentleman you may know. Sometimes, the next Knight may be sitting beside you.

Secondly, I received this today:

We’re entering the final stage of the Fast Start Incentive. Congratulations to all our Stage 5 winners, especially Hawaii and Alaska who repeated as stage winners in their respective divisions:

Division 1: New York
Division 2: Louisiana
Division 3: Saskatchewan
Division 4: Rhode Island
Division 5: Hawaii
Division 6: Alaska

Again, congratulations Saskatchewan. Let’s do it again next month!!

Abel, our Online Chair, has been busy sending emails to our new prospects and Brothers to try and get them into their respective Councils. We will start putting them into the Supreme members online site once this has been finalized. We will still have some that are not ready to join a council, but slowly they will come around.

And lastly my fellow Knights, just a short memo from Ryan DeHaan: Let’s not only reduce the suspensions but also educate the Councils not using the protocol for retention to engage our members. After all, they joined because they wanted to belong to our organization, not to be suspended or forgotten.

Retention is as key to a Council as recruiting is. We must educate, inform and involve all our Brother Knights. Let us not just contact them at dues time, but periodically through the year ask them to join in our Councils good works, or just to say hello. Our job is to retain members not to suspend them. Suspension would be the last resort.

Brothers: Let’s not forget about our State 1st Quarter Incentives. We still have 2 weeks to get in on some nice gifts for growing our Order and get something for just asking someone to join the Knights of Columbus. Stay positive, be flexible and creative and you will be rewarded.

Keep up the good work. Membership is key to our organization: all members old and new.

Dan Devers
Dan Devers

Vivat Jesus

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