State Membership Director’s Message for November 2020

Brother Knights:

Just a reminder Brother Knights, we should get a phoning committee on each Council to call our Brother Knights to check in and see how their Families are doing and if the Council can provide anything for them.  They may need something or some help with snow etc…  Of course, we have to be very aware of Covid-19 restrictions.  We should do this a few times a year just to check in as the members should hear from us more than just when it’s dues time.  Sometimes, just the contact is worth a few minutes of our time and makes all the difference to these Brother Knights.

We are coming close to Advent, so it is the perfect time to touch base and who knows, maybe they may have some members of their Family that would consider being a Knight. 

We could tie this to the LNNB program and when complete, we could sit down with our Pastor and discuss the eligible candidates in the Parish and call them.

We have done this for the second time in our Council and the response has been excellent and much appreciated by all of our members.  Some of these members, we have not seen for quite some time.  We will call men from the Parish next!

On another note, Financial Secretaries should check the Members on Line – Prospect or Candidate tab for potential candidates that the Membership Team assigned to your Councils from the State Council  #98058.  Some of these men were anxious to get started with the Knights.

Also, Supreme is offering the top online recruiting State Council in each of the 6 divisions a 10% reduction in the COH quota from November 1st to Dec. 31st.

So I ask you Brother Knights, “What do we have to do and what can we do to give this an honest attempt at making this happen?”   This would be good for everyone.  This may be the last time we see free online memberships, so let’s ask our Family members, our friends, and anyone we can think of to join the Knights of Columbus.   Remember, “Their success tomorrow depends on our support today.” Please Use code McGivney2020 for the free membership.

Dan Devers

Dan W Devers
State Membership Director