State Program Director's Message

State General Program Director’s Message – January 2024

Brother Knights:   

Form Reminder – only 1 1/2 weeks left:

  • Form #10784 – Life Category – Special Olympics – due to Supreme January 31, 2024.
    • Has your council participated in any Special Olympics programs? Have you reported them?
    • Councils are assessed $1.00/member for Special Olympics. Include the amount on your report.
    • Council participation and council reports submitted determine the amount of Supreme awards for our jurisdiction in April.  
    • Has your council sent in their report?  To date, very few councils have sent the report in.  
  • Form #1728 – Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity – due to Supreme January 31, 2024

Form/Program Reminder for State Convention – Only 1 1/2 months left:

For councils to be eligible for an award at the annual State Convention, the deadline for receiving the following reports at the State Office is March 1, 2024.  No exceptions.  Late submissions will not be accepted. 

  • Form #10784 – Fraternal Programs Report Form 
    • All councils are required to use Form #10784 – Fraternal Programs Report Form Online to report on all council programs as soon as they are completed.
    • This form can only be submitted online.
    • Form #10784 is available on
    • The Form can be completed and submitted by any council Knight to the Supreme office.
    • Submitting Form #10784 online, Supreme automatically receives the completed form and sends a copy back to you.  Please email a copy of this document to
    • Form #10784 is the only form required for all program reporting. 
  • Form #STSP – State Council Service Program Award  
    • Categories – Faith, Family, Community and Life.
    • Councils can only submit one program in each category.
    • Each council may have only four entries total – one program for each category.
    • Refer to the FIA Guidebook (#10907) for help preparing Form #STSP.
    • Submit Form #STSP to  
  • Form #10680 – State Family of the Year Award  
    • When selecting Family of the Year, follow guidelines similar to those used in choosing each Family of the Month.
    • Refer to the Family of the Month Guidebook (#1993) and Guide sheet (#10607) for help completing the form.
    • Submit Form #10680 to  
  •  Form #SBMMA – State Blessed Michael McGivney Award  
    • Each council can nominate a KofC Chaplain to be awarded the State Blessed Michael McGivney Award.
    • All submission forms with instructions for this award can be found at
    • Submit Form #SBMMA to 

Webinar – Best Practices of Standout Councils – Thursday, January 25 @ 8:00 PM EST – are you registered?

Eugene Achtemichuk

Vivat Jesus
Eugene Achtemichuk
State General Program Director

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