State Family Director’s Message


      I hope all is well with all our Worthy Grand Knight’s and Financial Secretaries of all our Councils in Saskatchewan. We as a Catholic Family Fraternal organization have almost hit the second half of our Columbian Year.

     I would like to mention that as a Catholic Family Fraternal Organization we need to continue to recognize the great works of our members and fellow parishioners for their great works that they do for not only their families but also in our Parish families and our communities.

   I mention this because there is a program in the Family list of Programs that recognize the works of the family. It is the Family of the Month/Year. This program helps your Council show your appreciation to the families and their members that we do see what they are doing in your Parishes and communities. This program promotes and supports the development of strong and vibrant families. So far during this current Columbian Year, we have only one Council in all of Saskatchewan doing this program and they have been getting recognized by Supreme for the past few months. This Council which is my home Council Yorkton Council #2031 who have taken on this program with a sense of showing how much they as not only a Council but Parish organization that many families who have been the unsung heroes of our parish need to be given the recognition that they need to be applauded for.

    This is a simple program to do. Talk to you Council Chaplain or Parish Priest and set up a committee that includes your Grand Knight, Council Family Director and members from the Parish to nominate a worthy family. It takes only a few minutes to recognize the potential Family of the Month/Year.

    You can get more information by going to the Supreme Office website link to get all the resources you need for this program.

    Your nominating family does not need to be a member and his family of your Council they could be a member of your Parish. What better way to find a potential new Knight and Family into your Council?

Another Humble Servant,
Jeff Krasowski – State Family Director

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