State Deputy's Message 2022

State Deputy’s Message

Worthy Grand Knight,

Recruit one more man – that is Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly’s challenge to all Knights. The world needs more Knights, faithful men who are united in charity and fraternity. It needs our fidelity to Christ, our sacrifice for the vulnerable, and our commitment to holiness. Every man you and your council recruits is one more man contributing to the mission of the Order founded by Blessed Michael McGivney.

Encourage each of your brothers to ask a relative, a friend, a co-worker, or a member of the parish. Below are some practical ways to make the ask.

First and foremost, order a Membership drive kit through Officers Online. The Supreme Knight is asking every council to conduct a membership drive by June 30. The kit will provide all you need. Pick a date, advertise, and ask your Pastor for the names of men he would recommend. Work with him to personally invite those men to the drive and to your council.

Second, share the Online Join video with every man in your council. Show them how easy it is to sign someone up. Most men join because they are asked. The online join makes asking easy.

Third, take the lead. If you’ve already recruited men this year, recruit another. If you haven’t, be bold. Ask someone you know or someone you’ve seen in your parish. Encourage your officers to do likewise. Talk about your recruiting efforts at your monthly meetings. Highlight your successes – and your failures. Show them you are asking men to join.

Like our founder, Blessed Michael McGivney, we can help other men draw close to Christ through membership in the Knights of Columbus and participation in our many spiritual and corporal works of mercy. This also draws us closer to each other. If nothing else, remind the men of your council: each man they ask to join might just become a brother for life.


Patrick T. Mason, Supreme Secretary

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Us

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Brother Knights,
Please read through the information from Supreme Secretary Patrick Mason
We can do this!

“If you want to run fast, do it by yourself. If you want to go far, run with the team.”

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