State Deputy’s Message – November 2020

Greetings Your Excellencies, Reverend Fathers, my Brother Knights.

             This last weekend, I attended (virtually) the Supreme State Deputy Midterm meeting. It was a very well-organized, energetic and uplifting event. We all heard inspiring words from the Supreme Knight Carl Anderson (we were reminded how the Blessed Michael McGivney founded the Order during a period of a pandemic, much like today and how we are all domestic missionaries, Living in Faith). We also heard from our Supreme Chaplain Archbishop Lori. There was much shared on the miracle of which lead to the Beatification of the Blessed Michael McGivney as well as discussion about “Fraternal Charity”. A video, which I would encourage all to watch on YouTube: “A Witness for the World: The global impact of the Blessed Michael McGivney” was shared. (Please do watch the ~30 minutes video, very inspiring. The rest of the weekend was filled with many great speakers with a ton of information to share.

            While I won’t share every detail of the meetings as the State will be having its own State / District Deputy Meeting in a couple of weeks (December 5&6, 2020), I would encourage all to attend the various upcoming webinars that Supreme is hosting (changes to the Council meetings formats). It will help get you informed of a few things before the District Deputies will have the opportunity to share with you (and in a lot more detail). The training sessions that Supreme is offering are highly educational and every Council and its members would benefit from participating in a few each month. We know many Councils are struggling with planning events; these webinars and training sessions will help provide some guidance. The sessions are listed on the State Webpage, there is almost a new topic for every night.

 *FREE ONLINE MEMBERSHIP. Supreme continues to share an open invitation to all eligible Catholic men to join the Order Online for free. As you invite candidates to visit:, share the PROMO CODE: MCGIVNEY2020. (Note: also share your Council # and the proposer’s membership number with him). We recently sent out Posters to share with all. And we plan to continue to send out updated versions as well as other methods to encourage members to invite men (and their families) to join us. (Please remove those old versions from the walls and put up some new ones. 😉). This offer does expire on December 31st at 10 pm, so please share this information with any possible candidate. One free year of online membership, no commitments. Free benefits, free Columbia Magazine. An opportunity to learn more about the Knights of Columbus Insurance. An opportunity to participate in Council functions as a Knight. You will not find a better deal than that!

I know I shared a lot of information in (and since) the last newsletter, and we will be having the Midterm meeting next weekend, so I will keep my message short with these few key things I challenge each of you to do: Leave No Neighbor Behind – pick a program option and just do it, Reach out to your Parish Priests & brother Knights just to say “hi”, Invite a man to join the Order, Get your Council forms in,  Contact your Field Agent and schedule a meeting to learn about the latest options available to you, and Call your Priests and Brother Knights just to say “Hi, do you need anything?”. (Yes, I said this one twice, but “yes” it is that important.)

I do have one request. I need your help. I am looking for someone deeply knowledgeable in “The Social Medias”, yes that scary internet thing, the black hole of information, the “don’t touch that button” stuff. Yes: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc… If you know of a Brother Knight who would be willing to work with the State team, helping us share information with the membership and the public, please forward me their name so I work towards building a team (adding to our fantastic team) to help us share and promote the good works of the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus. May I even suggest considering approaching a new member who joined online (probably has some tech-savvy if he joined online) and approach him if he would like to help by getting involved. I would appreciate the extra sets of eyes and ears. Thnx.

As we enter the season of Advent, I do want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Until the next time, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Thank You for all you do in the name of the Knights of Columbus.

Joseph Riffel

Vivat Jesus.
Joseph Riffel
Saskatchewan State Deputy
#Stay Safe, Stay Healthy
#Leave No Neighbor Behind