State Deputy’s Message – May 2020

Dear Saskatchewan Fraternal Leaders,

Time is going by quickly and we will soon be at the end of our Fraternal Year on June 30th.

As I do in each of my messages, I want to once again thank all fraternal leaders for answering the call to service in our parishes and communities.

You continue to be the beacons of light to your brother knights in your councils and the members of your parishes.

As we conducted conference calls in our clusters in the last two weeks, many councils reported that they have reached out to their parish priest and their council members and are beginning to implement the ideas in the “Leave No Neighbor Behind’ programs. There is still time to reach out to your parish priest and other organizations in your parish and community and to implement many of the great ideas in the ‘Leave No Neighbor Behind’ initiatives.

Below are some items to bring to your attention as well as to remind you about some of the programs happening in the next 6 weeks as we wrap up this Columbian year.

  1. The Charity Appeal cheques, the Keep Christ in Christmas Cheques and the Design Against Drugs Poster cheques have been sent out to the Grand knights. You should be receiving them shortly.
  2. We are finalizing a plan for the distribution of the Charity Appeal tickets. Postage will be very expensive, so we have identified about a dozen pick-up centers in the province. DDs will then pick up the tickets and distribute them within their district. The basketballs and soccer balls will also be distributed from these depots. Information will be sent out shortly.
  3. Council Program Awards—due to the closedown of businesses in the last 2 months, Bazaar and Novelty have not been able to do the engraving. We will inform you of the plan to distribute these awards as soon as the engraving is completed.
  4. Membership incentives are being finalized for all of our membership incentive initiatives and will be sent out shortly. We hope to have all incentives completed to date by the end of May and only the last quarter incentives will be left to tabulate in early July.
  5. Councils are asked to promote the Supreme Online Degrees to their online members, new members, and first and second-degree members to observe the degrees of Unity, Fraternity and Charity. All councils are also encouraged to continue to reach out to prospects by email or phone and to inform them of upcoming online degrees. Please refer to the 4th Quarter incentives for new members as well as for recruiters.
  6. GKs are asked to promote training sessions to their members.
  7. Councils have been informed about the adjusted awards criteria for achieving the Columbian and Star Council Awards. With the adjusted criteria, most councils should be able to achieve the Columbian Award.
  8. Election of Council Officers should be completed by June 30th using a nominating committee and by holding a virtual meeting to approve the slate of officers. Also, complete and send in Form 185.
  9. Consider donating to assist the communities of La Loche and Beauval who have been affected by Covid-19. Supreme will match our donations up to $5,000.00.
  10. The State Officers have approved a discount in Per Capita July 1st billing of $5.00 for regular members and a discount of $3.00 for honorary members. Councils that attended the Virtual Convention will also receive a $75.00 grant applied to their July 1st Per Capita billing. These amounts will be deducted off your July 1st invoice.
  11. Members are asked to continue to stay spiritually connected to their parishes by watching live- screen masses and to pray the rosary daily to Our Blessed Mother Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, to intercede to protect us from the Coronavirus.

I encourage all knights to step into the breach and to put our faith into action in our parishes and communities. Let’s continue to work to have a strong finish to this Columbian year and also a great start to next year.


Chris Bencharski

Chris Bencharski, State Deputy

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