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State Deputy’s Message – June 11 – part 2

June 11th, 2021

Greetings Your Excellencies, Reverend Fathers, my Brother Knights.

Currently, I am participating in the Supreme State Deputy Organization meeting virtually. So, I will keep my message brief.

I am reminded of many things we need to do as we come to the end of this Columbian year, and to prepare for the next Columbian year:

Has the Council submitted the Columbian Award Application (SP7)? Deadline June 30th, 10 pm.

If the Council has completed its Council Officer elections, did you submit form 185? Please remember to include the email addresses of all the members that have one.

Has the Council reported the names of the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary to the Saskatchewan State Office? ( )

Has the Council submitted the list of its program Directors (form 365)? Again, please include their email addresses.

Has the Council submitted project form #10784 for each program it has conducted this year? And please remember to cc the Saskatchewan General Program Director ( ) when you submit these to Supreme.

Are the Council Officers Safe Environment Compliant?

If the Council has completed its Council Officer election, has the Grand Knight set up a meeting to meet with the Parish Priest?

 As Councils start to gather again (as the SHA allows), I would encourage all Councils to say the prayer “A Prayer for Protection in a Time of Pandemic”. I would ask that we all pray for those affected the most by the tragedy, for those in India and other hard-hit areas of the world, for those Health workers working on the front lines, and to pray for the Church, that the congregation returns.   

I also wish to ask that we all take a moment to pray for the unfortunate events unfolding in Kamloops, for all those affected directly & indirectly and for the Church as it faces the challenges ahead.

Has your Council recruited at least ONE new member this year? Please encourage those to take advantage of the Free online membership until June 30th, 2021. PLEASE share the PROMO CODE: MCGIVNEY2020 with any eligible man and his family. We need to let them know of this opportunity. We need to share these simple benefits with them: *They can try us out for no cost, no commitment. It’s free for one year; *Share the “Fraternal Benefits” flyer #2773 with them too. (Note: also share your Council # and the proposer’s membership number with him to be recognized for our newest Incentives).  ONE KEY thing to clarify: the “free to join” offer ends June 30th, but the membership is free for 1 year from the day the member signs up.

As this Covid Pandemic works towards its conclusion, Supreme had released a Covid Recovery Program. I encourage all Councils to learn about the program and to start working on it as soon as possible. Refer to booklet #11177 for further details.

The Canadian Supreme Team of Growth Directors and Training Directors continue to offer training sessions on a variety of subjects. Please consider attending a few. Maybe you took on a new position, or are interested in helping in another area, there are many subjects that they cover. When you find the ones you like, please register by click on the tab next to it. You will receive reminders of the upcoming event.

While we may be nearing the end of this Columbian Year, the State team is gearing up to work into next year. We have a few people retiring from the State Team. I do want to thank them for all their hard work and years of dedicated service. Without you, we would not have had the successes we had. I will formally recognize them at next year’s 100th State Convention. We will have some new people on the Team as well. They will be announced after July 1st. With that, I am always looking for people willing to work with the State Team on specific programs as Chairmen, Regional Membership Coordinators and I am still needing a couple of District Deputies for some areas. If you are interested in helping the State Team, in any matter, please send me an email and we can discuss the areas needing help in more detail.    

The State Team will be holding its Saskatchewan Organizational meeting on Friday, July 9th (evening) and Saturday, July 10th (day). With the current Covid restrictions imposed by the SHA, the event will be done Virtually with opportunities for some small gatherings. Our Zoom license has a 100-person limit. I know we have a few Districts without a District Deputy. We do our best to share the information. Those Councils interested in viewing, please let me know and please email me. I will do what I can to accommodate as many as possible.

As we continue into the year, I continue to pray that the Blessed Michael McGivney protect you and your families to get through this Covid-19 pandemic.

Until the next time: Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Thank You for all you do in the name of the Knights of Columbus.

Joseph Riffel

Vivat Jesus.
Joseph Riffel
Saskatchewan State Deputy
#Stay Safe, Stay Healthy
#Leave No Neighbor Behind

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