State Deputy’s Message – January 2020

Dear Brother Knights of Saskatchewan,

The Knights of Columbus has always responded to the needs of the Church and the community through their charitable and social outreach activities.

As a Catholic, family, fraternal and service organization, we have the responsibility to dedicate our time, treasures and talents to help our parishes become beacons of the new evangelization, a family of families who are filled with the love and joy of the gospel.

This can be accomplished by conducting many of the excellent ‘Faith In Action Program’ with support material available through Supreme.

Pope Francis’ Exhortation ‘Amoris Laetitia’ is a guidebook to help in building the domestic church to become a family of families filled with the Love and Joy of the Gospel. Councils are encouraged to order copies of the guidebook and to work with their Parish Priest in evangelizing the parishioners about the contents of ‘Amoris Laetitia’.

Programs are an integral part of a healthy council. Supreme and State have many programs for councils that are easy to organize and have information ready to run the programs.

“Faith In Action Programs’ for councils during the next 3 months could be the following:

Rosary Program, Marion Prayer Program, Holy Hour, Family of the Month/Year, Family Prayer Night, Coats For Kids, Wheelchair Program, Free Throw Championship, Helping Hands (a program that helps others), Special Olympics, Mass for People With Special Needs and Novena for Life. Individual guide sheets of how to run the programs and available resources can be found at

A priority for Feb. 1st and 2nd or for a weekend that works in your parish is to conduct the Vocations Endowment Campaign in every Parish including parishes where there is no Knights of Columbus presence. Information can be found at

Other projects to consider are making a donation to the Saskatchewan Indoor Games, to Special Olympics, for Wheelchairs or for Coats for Kids.

Important forms needing attention are the Fraternal Survey (1728), Profile with Special Olympics (4584), Semi-Annual Audit (1295), and the Program reporting Form (10784).

The Convention this year in Prince Albert with the theme ‘Knights of Fraternity, United In Charity’ is fast approaching. Councils are encouraged to submit resolutions, to name delegates to attend, to submit single projects in the four program areas (Faith, Family, Community, and Life). to submit the Program Reports for the State Program Awards, to submit an entry for State Family of the Year, and to submit their Necrology report. The convention package will be sent to councils by the end of January.

Also, elections will be held this year for all State Board positions and for 6 delegates to attend the Supreme Convention in Washington, DC.

If you are interested in letting your name stand for a position on the State Board or to attend the Supreme Convention as a delegate representing Saskatchewan, talk to State Deputy Chris for more info.

Please mark the Spiritual Enrichment weekend (March 12, 13th) on your calendar. The Spiritual Enrichment Committee is planning an excellent 2 days again this year.

The launching of the new Exemplification of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity will also be held after the Enrichment Weekend Closing Mass. The degree will be held in honor of the Bishops of Saskatchewan. This will be a great opportunity to see the new degree and all councils are encouraged to bring candidates to the degree.

Remember to enter a team into the State Curling which will be held in Meadow Lake on January 31st, Feb. 1 and Feb. 2nd. There will be prizes for each team win or lose.

Membership is also a very important part of a successful council. Each council should recruit a minimum of one new member each year to bring new ideas and new members into their council.

To date, only 30 councils have recruited a new member. Saskatchewan is doing very well with 188 members to date in 7th Spot overall. Special thanks to all those who have recruited new members and thanks to Membership Director Marte Nogot, the membership team and to the council leadership.

Online membership is a great way to recruit younger members. We can reach out to them in the community at functions. This might be the only connection they have to the Catholic Faith which may eventually bring them to get involved in the Church and Council.

The retention of the present members is also very important. Most councils are operating on 20% or less capacity. Just think of what could be accomplished if all councils doubled or tripled their performance. Please refer to the State Website ( for a document called ‘How To Encourage Member Participation’. This document contains 26 ideas that work.

Time is going by quickly and there is still much work to do. I encourage each of you to continue to do the great work of Charity, of Evangelization, of supporting vocations and our priests, of developing future leaders and continuing your efforts in recruitment, retention, and engagement of members.

Also, remember to conduct a church drive in your parish before the end of February. Church drives are important because they are directed at a new member who is interested in joining, at present members who may become more involved and motivated if they hear the message and for parishioners in general who get to know more about the value of a council in the parish.

Special thanks to everyone for all that you do every day to promote the Knights of Columbus at the council, the district, and provincial levels.

Let us continue to build God’s Kingdom. And let us place our Order in Sask. under the help, protection, and guidance of Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe. Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Pray For Us.

Chris Bencharski

Chris Bencharski, State Deputy

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