State Deputy’s Message – April 2020

Dear Brother Knights of Saskatchewan,

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, we realize the importance of the theme of our virtual convention, ‘Knights of Fraternity: United In Charity’. We are Knights of Fraternity who depend on each other both socially and spiritually. During this difficult and uncertain time, we must unite to meet the needs of our brother knights through our charitable works.

Through the Order’s pandemic response program, ‘Leave No Neighbor Behind’, we need to unite together in the spirit of fraternal brotherhood to reach out to all of our knights, to our families, to our youth and our parishes. This is the time for all knights to ‘Step Into The Breach’ and to put their faith into action in our church and community.

For the first time in our lifetime, we were not able to gather as a faith community to celebrate the Easter Triduum. The buildings were closed. But church was not closed because the people are the church. Our families are the domestic churches. We can pray daily with our families, particularly the recitation of the Rosary to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Knights of Columbus. The ‘Prayer In Time of Pandemic’ which is included in each GKs/FSs bulletin can be prayed daily. There is daily virtual Mass which we can attend. Reading the bible daily is another faith activity we can participate in with our family.

We can also connect to our parish family through virtual means by praying the rosary virtually or through a virtual bible study class. The opportunities to practice our faith are limitless; we just need to take the time to do it and to become creative.

It is also important for the Knights to reach out to our parish priest to assist him in his mission. Knights can assist by contacting the elderly, doing basic essential errands for those in shut-ins, and assisting to develop a parish action plan by using the ideas in the ‘Leave No Neighbor Behind’ guidebook.

At the date of writing this message, Saskatchewan is doing very well sitting in the 10th spot with 253 members. In the Canada Cup competition, we are in first place with 70 points. Thank you to all who have contributed to our success again this year.

Saskatchewan knights have also conducted many excellent programs throughout the province with 143 boxes of Coats for kids ordered, 60 wheelchairs ordered for use in Sask., many generous donations to the Vocations Endowment, and thousands of programs at the parish level. Councils are encouraged to continue these excellent programs, especially during this time of need as we deal with the coronavirus crisis.

Special thanks to my fellow State officers, to the district deputies, state program directors, and chairmen, charitable foundation members, general agent, and field agents, State Executive Secretary Gerry Gieni, and all council officers for your charitable service and dedication to the ideals of our Order.

A very special thank you is extended to State Chaplain Bishop Bryan Bayda, to Associate State Chaplain Father Ed Gibney, all the bishops of Saskatchewan and all priests and council chaplains for your support and spiritual guidance.

As we move through this uncertain moment in history, let us continue to place our trust in God and pray that Our Lady of Guadalupe and our Venerable Founder Father Michael McGivney will intercede to protect our health, our families, our church and our Order.

Vivat Jesus and God Bless You,

Chris Bencharski

Chris Bencharski, State Deputy

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