State Ceremonial Coordinator Message

The Exemplification of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity has replaced the former Admission, Formation, and Knighthood Degree ceremonials. The former ceremonial teams have also disbanded.  This new Exemplification is no longer reserved only for candidates and Knights of Columbus members.  Family members, parishioners, and anyone interested is welcome to view this Exemplification.

Another important feature of this Exemplification is that it can and should be exemplified by local teams of brother knights.  The script can easily be read.  There is a limited amount of paraphernalia that is easily accessible.  Candidates are now advanced to full knighthood in one thirty five minute ceremonial as opposed to three separate ceremonials each taking much more time and requiring memorization, elaborate paraphernalia, and often bringing in a degree team from elsewhere. 

To assist local teams preparing to exemplify the new degree, a “made in Saskatchewan” video is now available.  This video can be used either to prepare local teams or to be viewed by candidates being exemplified.  Two Saskatchewan State Exemplification Video documents: The Procedural Document and the Procedural Checklist provide the necessary information and guidelines for planning degrees.

If you are planning a degree, preparing a degree schedule for the year, or preparing an Exemplification team, please notify SD Joseph Riffel and State Ceremonial Coordinator, Denis Carignan.  We will assist you in any way that we can to ensure your team’s success.

Denis Carignan

Denis Carignan
State Ceremonial Coordinator

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