Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Agency Report – February 2020

Love is in the air! We spend a lot of time thinking about our loved ones during the month of February and especially around Valentine’s Day. Technically, it’s St. Valentine’s Day, originally the feast day of a Roman saint from the third century. There is much speculation about the origins of the feast and even some discussion about the identity of the saint. We do know that this St. Valentine was martyred on February 14, 269 and the feast day was instituted by Pope Gelasius I in 496. But how did St. Valentine, a martyr, come to be associated with love and romance? Again, there is much speculation and one popular story is that he cured the blind daughter of his jailer. Before he was led off to his death, he wrote her a note and signed it “Your Valentine.”

Unlike St. Valentine, most of us are not called to martyrdom, but we do think about our loved ones…and we write love notes and greeting cards. Gifts are commonly given to the ones we love. But have you ever considered some special gifts for the ones you love?

That’s really what insurance is all about. People buy insurance because they love someone. You buy life insurance because you love your wife and children. If you’re not here to provide for them you want to make sure they can stay in the same home you love; you want to make sure that your children will have the university education they will need; you want your family to continue to live the lifestyle you’ve been so fortunate to be able to provide. Some of our policies even have living benefits that you can enjoy!

You want to make sure that if you are sick or hurt and can’t work, your family still has money coming in to pay the bills. Disability Income Insurance helps provide for that.

You’ve been able to provide a lifestyle for your family, but sometime down the road, you’ll take the assets that you’ve accumulated and retire. Long Term Care Insurance helps you protect those assets in case you have an extended care event. You won’t have to spend down all that you’ve saved to pay for care…you’ve shifted that risk to the Knights of Columbus. Your RRIF or retirement annuities will help you and your wife enjoy your golden years. The Order provides a lifetime minimum interest rate guarantee which will ensure that you’ll always be in the black with your account.

All the products we have available are focused around protection; protection for you, for your family and for what you’ve been able to save. Is your protection where you want it to be for your loved ones?

At this Valentine’s Day, make a point to invite your agent to meet with you and your wife and see where you stand. Make sure you have insured your love. Go ahead and buy that greeting card, write her a love note…maybe even get a beautiful arrangement of flowers or a dozen roses. But remember, the gift of protection will be there when it’s needed most.

Vivat Jesus!

Mark Lewans

Mark Lewans
General Agent
[email protected]

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