Sask K of C Vocations Implementation


To develop a long-term partnership between the Saskatchewan Dioceses/Eparchy, Sask K of C Charitable Foundation and Sask K of C State that will encourage a holistic sustainable approach to meeting the increasing need for leaders in our Church


Soft Launch already underway – focus on awareness and trialing processes/materials

Hard Launch – Intense Campaign – 1st weekend February 2019.  (Feb 2 & 3); Flexible to use subsequent weekends in February for those Parishes where the first weekend does not work.

  • Commitment from all Bishops in province for support COMPLETED November 22. Excellent support.
  • Archbishops/Bishops to Parish Priests/Church Offices about Vocation Endowment Strategy and relationship with the Knights of Columbus Councils .WHEN: Prior to December 15th.
  • Finalize membership for and establish terms of reference for the Vocations Endowment Strategy Advisory/Steering Committee – if any meetings are required, they would be by conference call.
  • Fr Stephen Bill, Archdiocese of Regina; Fr Colin Roy, Diocese of Saskatoon; Fr Jim Kaptein, Diocese of Prince Albert; Fr Warren Dungen, Eparchy of Saskatoon
  • Communications
    1. District Deputies – Sask K of C Midterm Meeting – Nov 30, Dec 1 and 2
      Chapter Meeting – Regina – Dec 5th
    2. Council Grand Knights – Month of Dec (encourage soft launch activities as nice to have; BUT must establish Campaign Coordinator/team readiness for hard launch activities February 3rd weekend)
  • Provide examples of soft launch successes – As they occur – Weekly GK/CC Bulletin
  • Establish clearly defined Hard Launch/Campaign Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Parish Priests – Assist in awareness – introduce Knights representative to speak at mass
    2. Parish Offices – Assist in collecting funds
    3. District Deputies – co-ordinate Council activities
    4. Council GKs – accountable to ensure campaign takes place
    5. Council Campaign Coordinators/Teams – Meet with priest to define program
      – introduce the program at masses
      – hand out business cards & envelops
      Vocations Endowment Strategy Materials
  • Donation envelops (3,000 already printed and available for distribution)
  • Business Cards – Circulation at Council & Parishes – 100,000 printed
  • Parish Bulletin Inserts (for weekends leading up to the hard launch date; as well as Campaign weekend)
  • Script for Pulpit Announcements (2 minutes)
  • Trifold Brochure – End of December
  • Power Point Slides for inclusion at Parish before Mass
    $25.00/member over 3 years.  First $250,000.00 matched by Sask K of C Charitable Foundation

Grand Knight Tasks for this week:

  • Appoint Campaign co-ordinator and send name to
  • Make Council members aware.

For more information visit the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation’s website:

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