Roughrider Football Pool

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Click here to download the poster.

Nearly $50,000 is allocated to many Parishes & agencies/organizations from the sale of the Chapter Football Ticket project. The Marian Centre, Camp Monahan, Special Olympics are but a few of the beneficiaries you are helping out with the purchase of a ticket(s). Besides, you even have a chance to win a few $. $20/ticket provides you a different score for each of the 21 games (18 Rider & playoff) during the season. You could win $20 if your score ‘hits’ anytime during the game (doesn’t have to be a quarter-end). 
Have some FUN…..purchase a ticket from any of the Councils. Enjoy & thank you!

Paul & Rose
Financial Secretary
Archbishop O’Neill K of C # 8896
306.790.9317 (H) ; 306.550.5035 (C)


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