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Retention Strategies That Work

Below Is A List Of Retention Strategies For Councils To Implement:


Once He’s Joined, Keep Him Involved

  • Keep members enthused, use a welcome committee, present a K of C baseball cap or golf shirt to all members who meet defined expectation criteria, set up a carpool and phoning committee so that regular involved members can phone and pick up members who don’t attend regularly, and use the admission committee and member interest surveys to plan your program.

Go for the Fourth!

  • Encourage all your members to join the Fourth Degree. Fourth Degree members seem to be more committed and few fourth-degree members need to be suspended for non-payment of dues.

Half Showman, Half Teacher — The Lecturer

  • The lecturer should plan a series of interesting topics for each meeting—topics which would draw attendance

Take an Inventory

  • Ask new members where their interests lie- admission committee questionnaire and Members Interest Survey- to determine programs of interest to members
  • Have a suggestion box at the back of the church to allow parishioners to provide ideas for how Knights can help in the parish
  • Check with your pastor to see what needs to be done in the parish. The knights should be Your pastor’s “Go-To Group”.

Keeping Members Interested

  • Councils need to conduct a variety of programs so that there is something of interest to all members, plan council programs in line with the member’s interest survey, and conduct a lecturer’s program that is interesting to all members.

Every Council Active

  • Programs drive membership whether it is the recruitment of new members or retention of present members. No one wants to be part of an organization that does nothing or does very little.

Fraternal – First and Foremost

  • Practice true fraternity constantly. Be inviting: recognize birthdays, anniversaries, get well cards, as well as important achievements of members.

Shining Armor Award

  • Use this program with new members as well as all other members—certificates and pins are available from Supreme. Make special presentations to deserving members.

Don’t Let Your Council Go into a Summertime Slump

  • There are many great programs for Knights to do during June, July and August: family barbecues, parish picnics, parish maintenance, program planning meetings, sale of Charity Appeal tickets, recognizing the anniversary of Blessed McGivney’s date of birth and date of death, and meeting with your pastor

Honour Those Members Who are Always There

  • Supreme has many excellent certificates which can be ordered and presented to worthy Knights for a variety of reasons. Members do not participate for certificates, but recognition is a great motivator.

Well-Run Meetings will Boost Attendance

  • Keep meetings short and well organized following parliamentary procedures, allow all members to voice opinions in an orderly manner, make missing members feel valued and needed, and review the benefits of being a member.

Properly Manage The Council Membership Roster

  • Reach out to members as soon as possible who miss meetings, lose interest or don’t pay their dues
  • Don’t suspend members who have 1 or 2 years left to be Honorary Life members or are in a Nursing home.
  • This year with Covid, be aware of member’s financial situations—-are they working?
  • Supreme has provided reductions in dues and Supreme has charged NO dues—-consider Keeping suspensions to a minimum and use this opportunity to make a special effort to reach out to all your members. Suspensions are the last option not the first.


Chris Bencharski

Chris Bencharski- Immediate Past State Deputy
– Northern Sask. Member/Council Retention Chairman

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