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Retention Plan

Council Sample Retention Plan – Procedures

The success of retaining and engaging your council members requires a plan of action that is carried out by the council. All too often, the discussion takes place at council meetings about members in arrears and a lack of engagement of members, but no plan is put in place to deal with the concerns. Engagement and retention of council members is an ongoing process and it is the responsibility of the council leadership to put in place a plan of action that involves the entire council.

  • Develop a 3 Part Plan
    • Smart Roster Management
    • Develop The Plan
    • Implement and Work The Plan
  • Smart Roster Management – How Does it Work
    • Take Stock of Your Members – Analysis
    • Assess Your Members – Place Into Groups
    • regularly attend meetings and council programs
    • attend programs, but not meetings
    • regular, honorary, honorary life, disabled
    • members in arrears- number of years
    • members who have moved to other parts of Sask. or out of province
    • charter members, etc.
  • Develop A Plan
    • Form A Retention Committee
    • GK, DGK, MD, 3 Trustees, DD, Council Chaplain, Agent, Council Retention Chairman
    • Each Member of the Committee Takes Some Members To Visit
    • The Committee Will develop A List Of Talking Points To Use For Member Visits
  • Implement and Work the Plan – Application
    • The Committee Will Use the Talking Points During Member Visits
    • Retention Committee Members Will Contact Members:
    • check to see how they are doing
    • discuss the situation
    • get and note feedback
    • arrange personal visits for “At-Risk Members and reconcile any issues
  • If Successful Contact Is Made:
    • Work With the Member
    • Introduce yourself and give pertinent information to the member
    • listen to the member
    • rectify any issues which the member may have
    • emphasize the importance of being a member and good works knights do
    • find out what the member wants to get out of the knights or he feels he isn’t getting
    • keep notes of your findings
    • keep communicating and reaching out to the member if he is interested
  • If Retention Attempts Fail:
    • Withdrawal- get a letter from the member written by the member
    • Suspension- Follow Procedures As Outlined In the Documents: Retention 1- Sask State Council Form Retention 2- Supreme Procedures
  • Retention Procedures
    • First and Second Billing Notices are sent to members
    • Financial Secretary sends the delinquent list to the retention committee
    • Retention Committee assigns a member to contact each delinquent member- Face to face.
    • Retention committee compiles report using the Sask. Form Request for Membership Retention – in the booklet
    • Financial Secretary sends Knight Alertletter to all delinquent members
    • District Deputy is notified of Retention results and all documentation used by the Retention Committee
    • District Deputy notifies State Retention Chairman and conducts due diligence
    • State Deputy reviews recommendation to determine concurrences
    • District Deputy provides feedback to Council on next action, either: Process Intent to Retainon all or some delinquent members; or Correct identified deficiencies as directed by the District Deputy and State Deputy
    • Council completes requested action based on feedback
    • If Intent to Retain (Form 1845)is filed with Membership Records, a mandatory 60-day hold is in place, meanwhile, the council/district continue to work delinquency list

 All The Best In Reaching Out To And Retaining Your Council Members:

Chris Bencharski

Chris Bencharski- Immediate Past State Deputy
– Northern Sask. Member/Council Retention Chairman

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