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Recruitment Posters to Distribute

If you need posters and incentives for your recruitments, this post is for you!

Please share with your Councils. We need to take advantage of the free online membership offer from Supreme while it lasts. I would suggest someone uses a high-quality printer for these, or just go to Staples; ordering anything from Knights Gear gets too expensive. Rotate posters often. And please make sure you get the Parish Priest’s permission before you post them.  I tried to add the QR code to many, this way they are non-contact. Most people have gotten used to them for menus at restaurants.


1st Quarter Incentives. These will be done retroactively to July 1st.

  • Please note: the incentives apply to all members of the Knights in Saskatchewan (agency staff included). For the Fraternal Benefit night, please remind Council that they need to promote it at least 3 ways (as specified on form 11077 – see for more details). Sept 29th

There are rewards for being a recruiter:

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