Prayer Requests from June 2019 Columbian News

Please pray for the following:

  • Nestor Trach, PSD
  • Fr. Edward Gibney
  • Monsignor Senger
  • Fr. Levesque
  • Sr. Marlene Aquino
  • Fr. Steve Morrisey
  • Uncle Martiano Marqucus
  • Claudette Lebrun
  • Cathy Doepker (Brian D)
  • Martin Raincourt
  • Roger Prevost
  • Fr. Penna

Our prayers go out to all the Knights and their families who have experienced any disruptions in their lives.

Pray for the following and their families during this time of sorrow and loss.

  • John Brent
  • Dan Masich
  • Norm Friesen
  • Bill Hilbig
  • Leo Meier
  • Matthew Townley-Smith
  • Fern Wilchuk
  • Kevin Kanawati, State Social Media Chairman
  • Alma Zuck (wife of Donald Zuck, FDD)

May they rest in peace! Let perpetual light shine upon them!

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