Prayer Request – Jessica and her baby

Good evening Brother Knights,

It is not often I request prayers from you and the members of your State. However, I hope that you will do so. As you are aware, there was a miracle that made it possible for our founder, Father Michael McGivney, to move closer to sainthood. He was Venerable and will be elevated to Blessed in October. I am attaching that beautiful story that was sent out to us from our Supreme Office.

The particulars of the current situation are Jessica is a granddaughter and the baby is the great-grandchild of our friends. She is requesting prayers. I told her that if it was ok for me to send this out to you as Brothers for intercessory prayers to Father McGivney. She gave me the OK. These are the following facts: 

We come begging for your intercession again for Jessica and her baby. I just got off the phone with her … crying with her. She returned last night from her second trip to the IWK in Halifax for another round of tests. She is now about  7 months. The news was not good. 

They told her, her baby’s heart has improved and is no longer the main issue, but the veins to his liver have not grown since last month which means he has little chance of survival. She and Nick are devastated. Nick is hanging onto the fact that they didn’t say ‘no’ chance of survival, but Jessica is finding it hard to face this news, though she is clinging to hope in her heart. She goes back to the IWK in two weeks for an MRI and to meet with an Internal Medicine team although they have never dealt with such a condition in a baby in the womb.

Nick and Jess have already named him – Henry James (brother to 2 1/2-year-old Charles Andrew). And so if you could hold this little family once more before the mind and heart of Jesus, for whatever graces they need to live such anguish in this time of waiting for him to be born, we would all be so grateful. As our hearts break for them and with them, we come to the communal heart of all of you who have so faithfully lived the journey of life with us, in joy and sorrow – and hope. 

I appreciate your prayers for this mother and her child within her womb and would appreciate it if you could send this request to the Knights within your State. 

Vivar Jesus,
Graydon Nicholas
Supreme Warden

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