October 2019 State Program Director’s Message

Brother Knights:

Faith in Action Program Model

  • If you missed the recent Supreme Webcast on “Faith in Action Programs Attract and Retain” copy the below link to your browser or right click your mouse on the link below and “Open Hyperlink”. This is an excellent webcast on Faith in Action.

WEBCAST LINK: https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/2072385/7D11F7CB187F71D2DC95304020708CEB?

  • Keep working on the Faith in Action programs.
    • Faith – Rosary Program – October is Rosary month to honour our Blessed Virgin Mary.
    • Family – Family of the Month/Year – one of the easiest programs your council can run.
    • Community – Coats for Kids – purchase coats through knightsgear.ca. Provide warmth for deserving children during cold winter months.
    • Life – Marches for Life.
  • Order your materials for your November/December programs – Keep Christ in Christmas, Basketball Free Throw Championship, Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest, etc.
  • Work with your Chaplains/Priests. Ask him “How can we help you?”
  • Good programs in your councils drive Membership and Membership drives Programs.
  • To find up-to-date information about all Faith in Action programs, general announcements and form updates, check out the website at www.kofc.org/faithinaction.
  • The link for Building the Domestic Church: The Family Fully Alive is https://www.kofc.org/un/en/domestic-church/

 Supreme Forms – Please Submit These Important Annual Forms:

  • Form 185 – Report of Officers Chosen for Term – due June 30.
  • Form 365 – Service Program Personnel Report – due August 1.
  • Form 1295 – Semi-annual Council Audit Report – due August 15.
  • Forms are available and can be downloaded from the Supreme website kofc.org/forms. Please review and get familiar with the newly revised forms.

2019-2020 Program Reporting Form Change

  • All councils are required to start using Form 10784 – Fraternal Programs Report Form in reporting your council Fraternal programs. Complete Form 10784 after you have finished a Supreme or State program.
  • Form 10784 is available on www.kofc.org and www.kofcsask.com websites.
  • Please email a copy of this document to [email protected] and to [email protected]

Safe Environment – Office of Youth Protection:

  • Safe Environment Program – the requirement for 4 positions:
    • Grand Knight – training
    • Program Director – training
    • Family Director – training and background check
    • Community Director – training and background check
  • It is important for councils to be Safe Environment compliant early. Before you run any programs.
  • Safe Environment compliance is required for all awards, including the Star Council award.
  • Remain compliant with updated Safe Environment requirements (see kofc.org/safe for details).

Upcoming State Events

  • Charity Appeal – Denzil – November 2
  • 6th Annual Knights of Columbus Celebrity Dinner – Saskatoon – November 2
  • 50th Anniversary Gala – Sask. K of C Charitable Foundation. – Humboldt – November 16
  • Mid-Term Meeting – Melfort – December 6-8
  • Vocations Endowment Weekend – February 1-2
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Pilgrimage & Tour with Bishop Bryan Bayda – February 6-15
  • Spiritual Enrichment Weekend – Saskatoon – March 13-14
  • 98th State Convention – Prince Albert – April 24-26
  • For more information on these events, please visit www.kofcsask.com

Thank you for all you do for the Knights.

If you have any questions about the new “Faith in Action” programs, please feel free to contact me.

October 2019 State Program Director’s Message 1
Eugene Achtemichuk
State General Program Director
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