October 2019 Faith Program Director Report

I hope you have had an opportunity to check out the October issue of the Columbian Magazine. Much of the magazine is devoted to reflecting on the Minneapolis Supreme convention & the various awards presented.

At the Supreme Knight’s Awards session the recipient in the Faith category was Our Lady of Fatima Council # 10953 in Iloilo. This Council is in Nasidman, a small island in Visayas. Well, I’d never heard of these places so-called on good ole Google for help. Visayas is one of the main island groups of the Philippines. The population of 19M+ on a land base of 17,500 sq km (Sask 1.16M people in a vast area of 652,000 sq km).

The island was losing its Roman Catholic identity & there were no churches. This Council made it their mission to revive & promote the Catholic faith & help their Parish Priest in any way that was needed. In less than a year Catholicism has been rejuvenated – the Council leading the community in building a Catholic chapel holding regular Masses & devotions.

What an example of Unity (Formation Degree)!! Outstanding achievements can be realized by putting our efforts together for a common goal. Congratulations to Council # 10953!

We are so fortunate, & maybe a bit complacent, in our faith. The Church door is open so we think…” they will come”.

As this newsletter is being put together, we are at the Thanksgiving Day weekend. How thankful we are, & should be, for the many, many gifts God provides for us – not just this weekend but each day!

October 2019 Faith Program Director Report 1
Paul Ponak, Director, Faith Program
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