November 2019 State Secretary’s Message

Dear Brother Knights of Saskatchewan,

We talk a lot about recruitment. We should, we need members to bring energy to the Councils, we need to look at our future replacements.

But we also need to talk about “RETENTION”. Membership retention should begin the first day a man (and his family) joins the Knights of Columbus.

I know most Councils get excited when a new person joins the Knights of Columbus. But, now what. We need to mentor him (Shining Armour Award). We also need to get him active. What programs is your Council doing? Is your Council doing any of the “Faith in Action” programs as listed in the guidebook? There are other programs your Council can be doing too; the sky is the limit on ideas. We need to keep him involved and maintain regular contact with him.

As I mentioned retention earlier, we can focus a lot of energy on our new members. But what about the members that we haven’t seen for a while, those that don’t come to meetings. We used to see many during the bingo days, but those days are gone. Now is always a good time to reach out to those “old” members we haven’t seen and invite them to a new program. (It should not just be when we are calling them to ask for dues.) 

Need an idea for a program? The Faith in Action booklet lists many programs that have value for the Parish, Community, and our Families. As we do these programs, we need to do them well so that we can show the value to the Council members, Parish and Community. As we do this, we can hopefully recruit some new members, but also retain and re-energize some of our lost members.

While I promote activities at a Council level, I am also trying to promote programs at the State Level. The programs at a Council level promotes Fraternity among the Council Members. Activities at the State Level does the same thing, but it also helps promote Fraternity between Councils across the Province, showing the Unity that the Order can provide.

Council à District à State à Supreme.

I try to share an updated State Activities Calendar fairly regularly, it is usually on the State Webpage (Thanks Bro Peter). We do try to plan out 2-3 years. We know Councils have events and anniversaries. I am asking that Councils consider looking into hosting an event. The application to host the various events is on the State Webpage, I am hoping to have some updated versions posted soon (trying to update information while offering more information about each event to help with the hosting committee). So please look for them soon.

November 2019 State Secretary’s Message 1
Joseph Riffel
State Secretary / State Council Activities Director
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