November 2019 Cultural Diversity Report

Greetings Brother Knights,

 “A life without purpose is a languid, drifting thing. And we all know this, that’s why we continue to live with our dreams. We correct our mistakes and every day we ought to review our purpose.”

 Being a man we are required to lead with clarity and purpose and as a Knight, we need to align ourselves with reasons. We lived with a purpose that’s why we joined the Order. Our intentions clarify why we do what we do, this intention moves us to our vision to make the world a better place. This purpose gives us meaning and context and our vision gives us clarity and direction.

 We always need time to clarify our intention and to contemplate our purpose, we need to give our heart and not only our mind, after doing this we will open the door to passion because we align ourselves to our purpose. We the leaders know that a keen sense of purpose is very empowering. It opens the doors to this extraordinary energy of intuition, it opens to amazing light and great inspiration. And remember one lit of match can light many candles.

Once you sense this feeling from a shared sense of purpose and passion you can literally move mountains. “It means you can bond people for life.”

I have here two common questions that always stir my heart.

  • How about those people who didn’t know our vision and they receive only negative comment of negative feedback about us, can you imagine how you might feel?
  • How you will face them and how you will encourage them to become knights?

Common questions often times we ignored because of how many times we already hear this since we become a knight. But have you ever been in a situation where you are load up with content but have no context?

“Many people in leadership positions are far better at complicating things than simplifying them. Why is that a leader tends to add more complexity rather than subtract what isn’t needed?”

Well, it’s not enough to know the content of the work but it needs to understand the circumstances on how it works. What we need is to experience our purpose not just doing it because we’ve been told to do. We need to be upfront and lead the people and this is our task to God. But we need to make it simple so people will understand and this is our duty we the knights to lead and to become a mentor helping our priest.

It is very simple, we cannot encourage people if we don’t know what we are saying.

November 2019 Cultural Diversity Report 1
Marte Clemente Nogot
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