Membership Report – July 2020

Good day Brother Knights.  We have been in this new form of normalcy for the last 5 months and it looks like we will be in it for a bit longer.  While this pandemic keeps us closer to home, we should not stop thinking about the Knights of Columbus and what we mean to our Parish, our Pastors, to each other and our families as well. 

We are here because of all the hard work done by you Brothers and the Brothers before us and we will continue our hard work for the benefit of many, not a few.

Membership and how we recruit now, will take a bit of savvy and help from everyone.  This would be a good time to sit down with Father and the Parish directory and find potential members to contact.  Write a letter with the help of your Pastor inviting men to join.   We should not forget our objectives as Brother Knights.  Place an invite in the bulletin asking all men to join.  Membership is the responsibility of every Knight.

Also, retention is very important and in this difficult time, we should be calling all our members to see if they are doing alright.  Calling parishioners to see how they are doing could be tied to the Leave No Neighbour Behind program.  A phoning tree could be organized for such a project.  Be innovative, stay positive and just be who you are.  Sometimes listening is better than talking.

Online Membership Director Abel, is presently working on a letter to send to our online members to see what we can do for them to sign up and become active members in Councils.  We have quite a few of these members in Council 98058 and others still getting information so we would like to bridge them to Councils when they are ready, as well.

We should promote the online membership so that these new candidates get all the information they need on the Knights and it will be up to Abel and myself to monitor these new candidates for advancement to Councils when they are ready.  This is very important.

Next online exemplification will be Thursday, July 30th, at 7 and 10 PM EDT.  All the Grand Knights get these invitations to send to the possible prospects, so contact your GK if you have to.

I will say again, stay positive, do the best that you can and leave no Neighbour/Brother behind.

Dan Devers

SMD Dan Devers

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