Membership Moments

Membership quips for November 2022

  1. It’s strange how $20 is such a large amount when you put it in the collection basket and such a small amount when shopping.
  2. It’s strange how 1 ¼ hour seems so long when you are at Church and yet when you are at a movie, you wish it would have been longer.
  3. It’s strange that you can never find the right words when you are praying but have no trouble thinking about what to say to a friend.
  4. It’s strange how difficult it is to read a chapter from the Bible and yet how easy it is to read a book.
  5. It’s strange how everyone wants front-row seats at a concert and they want to sit in the back rows of the Church.
  6. It’s strange how you want to know 2-3 weeks in advance of Church activities to adjust your agenda, but we can move things around at the last minute for other events.
  7. It’s strange how difficult it is to learn a fact about God, yet it’s so easy to repeat gossip.
  8. It’s strange how we believe everything that magazines, books and the news tells us, but we question the Bible.
  9. It’s strange how so many of us joined the Knights to help other people and each other, but when called are always too busy.
  10. It’s strange how each of us can lead our families and be leaders at work, yet when called to be a leader, we claim to be unable to lead.
  11. It’s strange how we call ourselves many things, and yet we sometimes veer off the path we should be on.
  12. It’s strange how strange some things can be.
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