Membership Message for May 28

Brother Knights:

This weekend has been designated, Membership Drive Weekend by State Deputy Larry Packet.  We only need 70 more men for this year to make our quota and we thank you for working very hard to get there.  But, we need a big push these last few days to ensure we get there, so do the drives and have the exemplifications to help our Province and our Councils obtain the numbers we need to get the recognition we all deserve for a job well done.

Do the Drives this weekend and then set up the exemplifications after this weekend.

Brothers contact the councils in your district and have them join you for these combined exemplifications and fulfill your Council quotas.

Could you check your prospect tab and get all the men active in your Parish and Council?

Make these last few weeks as memorable as possible.

Be the Knights we are meant to be.

Thank you for all you have done for the Knights and your Parishes.

God Bless everyone

Vivat Jesus

Dan W. Devers SMD
2723 Jolly Place E.
Regina, SK.  S4V 0X8

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