Marian Icon prayer program-2020

A Higher Purpose
Spread devotion to Our Lady and pray for our brothers and sisters of faith who are at risk around the world through the Marian Prayer Program. As the new Marian image is brought on a pilgrimage through the jurisdiction, councils will host the Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians icon for a prayer service at their parish.

The 2020 Marian Prayer Program presents the 19th Marian image sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, this time of Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians. Each Knights of Columbus jurisdiction receives several Marian images, which serve as the centerpieces for prayer services conducted in churches and council meeting places throughout the Order for the duration of the initiative. Since its inception in 1979, the Knights of Columbus’ Marian Prayer Program has held more than 166,900 local council and parish prayer services with some 20 million participants.

This year, the prayer service is intended to raise awareness of the plight of Christians persecuted for their faith and to stand in prayerful solidarity with them.

Here are the resources each council will need:

  1. #5050- Marian Prayer Program – Booklet
  2. #10740- Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians – Prayer Card
  3. #10739- Marian Prayer Program – Vertical Poster
  4. #10738- Marian Prayer Program – Horizontal Poster
  5. #10741- Marian Prayer Program – Log Book
  6. Route 1
  7. Route 2
  8. Route 3
  9. Route 4
District #Council #RouteCouncil NameGrand Knight ContactAssociated ParishLocationDate
1283384Father Menard-Lestock-WishartGordon Wolitski 306-576-2254Our Lady of Perpetual Help ChurchLestock-WishartJan. 6-8
1274364Bishop Roborecki-WynyardWilliam Lalach 306-554-3540St. Mary ChurchWynyardJan. 9-11
1259704Foam LakeNevin Halyk 306-272-3257Christ the King ChurchFoam LakeJan. 12-14
1282394WadenaCalvin Statchuk 306-338-3502St. Mary ChurchWadenaJan. 15-17
1265944Father Kunka-Kelvington-Rose ValleyMitchell Staszczak 306-338-2940St. Joseph Church/Christ the KingKelvington-Rose ValleyJan. 18-20
2358504St. Paul's-WatsonMilton Kerpan 306-287-3669Sacred Heart ChurchWatsonJan. 21-23
2363954EnglefeldMichael Miskolczi 306-287-7939Guardian Angels ChurchEnglefeldJan. 24-26
2387524Abbot Bruno Doerfler-MuensterJordon Bergemann 306-682-5191St. Peter's CathedralMuensterJan. 27-29
2318864HumboldtVincent Leonard 306-682-2986St. Augustine churchHumboldtJan. 30-Feb. 1
2460684Father Sinnett-LaniganRon Koberinski 306-360-9010St. Mary ChurchLaniganFeb. 2-4
2465294St. Alphonse-Viscountmichael Pastor 306-944-4555St. Alphonse ChurchViscountFeb. 5-7
2458594AllanKen Moldenhauser 306-257-3578St. Aloysius ChurchAllanFeb. 8-10
2553844DavidsonLarry Packet 306-567-3180Sacred Heart ChurchDavidsonFeb. 11-13
25127404Immaculate Heart of Mary-OutlookLeo Tomasiewicz 306-867-8418Immaculate Heart of Mary ChurchOutlookFeb. 14-16
1352384Father Provost-RosetownRaymond Labrecque 306-882-5309St. Theresa ChurchRosetownFeb. 17-19
1471504St. Michael's-Trampling LakeBert Lang 306-755-2174St. Michael ChurchTramping LakeFeb. 20-22
1454744MacklinJeff Stang 306-878-0854St. Mary ChurchMacklinFeb. 23-25
1439204DenzilDave Witzaney 306-358-4248Sacred Heart ChurchDenzilFeb. 26-28
1466844St. Eugene de Mazenod-LuselandRodney Meyer 306-834-2942St. Eugene de Mazenod ChurchLuselandFeb. 29-Mar. 2
1348994KindersleyJeff Elliot 306-494-8500St. Joseph ChurchKindersleyMar. 3-5
1363314Sacred Heart-EstonDale Martin 306-962-7479Sacred Heart ParishEstonMar. 6-8
1357354Fox ValleyMark Hudec 306-666-4422St. Mary ChurchFox ValleyMar. 9-11
689914Maple CreekDaryl Tumbach 306-662-4124St. Lawrence ChurchMaple CreekMar. 12-14
689624Msgr. A. Roy-Gull LakeNick Reifferscheid 306-672-3897St. Ann ChurchGull LakeMar. 15-17
627254ShaunavonPhilip Lewans 306-297-3679Christ the King ChurchShaunavonMar. 18-20
631424PonteixRichard Thibault 306-625-3649Notre Dame d'AuvergnePonteixMar. 21-23
630314Swift CurrentGord Hagen 306-773-1190Christ the RedeemerSwift CurrentMar. 24-26
653934St. Joseph's-HodgevilleHarold Ebel 306-677-2513St. Joseph ChurchHodgevilleMar. 27-29
420714GravelbourgFern Bouvier 306-648-3397Our Lady of Assumption Co-CathedralGravelbourgMar.31-Apr.2
438784LaflecheJohn Kirkpatrick 306-472-7412Ste. Radegonde ChurchLaflecheApr. 15-17
433604AssiniboiaPaul Lewans 306-642-4158St. George ChurchAssiniboiaApr. 18-20
429944Little Flower-RockglenLorne Kwaskicki 306-642-8545St. John ChurchRockglenApr. 21-23
1715193Sacred Heart-PARay Langlois 306-961-3463Sacred Heart CathedralPrince AlbertJan. 6-8
1755433St. Mark-PAAlbert Lafond 306-764-9638St. Mark's ChurchPrince AlbertJan. 9-11
1799493St. Michael-PAClaude Rivet 306-763-0157St. Michael ChurchPrince AlbertJan. 12-14
1785473St. Joseph-PAHoward Weitzel 306-763-7781St. Joseph ChurchPrince AlbertJan. 15-17
1786553St. George`s-PAZenik Rabiej 306-764-8230St. George's UK ParishPrince AlbertJan. 18-20
2067553St. LouisRene Gaudet 306-422-8475St. Louis ChurchSt. LouisJan. 21-23
2059763St. Therse-WakawTBDShrine of St. Theresa ChurchWakawJan. 24-26
2031833CudworthGlen Lingel 306-233-7749St. Michael ChurchCudworthJan. 27-29
2574973Rocky Hills-Prud'hommeMarcel Hounjet 306-654-9150Sts. Donatien & Rogatien ChurchPrud’HommeJan. 30-Feb. 1
2360443PilgerTBDHoly Trinity ChurchPilgerFeb. 2-4
2359463Lake LenoreBenjamin Flaman 306-231-3048St. Anthony ChurchLake LenoreFeb. 5-7
2358383St. Peter`s-AnnaheimStan Rohel 306-598-2017St. Ann ChurchAnnaheimFeb. 8-10
18101743St. George`s-NaicamNorman Foushe 306-872-4333St. George ChurchNaicamFeb. 11-13
1897573Father Barbier-St. BrieuxJustin Assie 306-921-3635St. Brieux ChurchSt. BrieuxFeb. 14-16
1857883Pope John XXIII-MelfortLeslie Strinholm 306-752-4211Our Lady of Consolation ChurchMelfortFeb. 17-19
1852193St. John Bosco-TisdaleWayne Cleaveley 306-873-4924Immaculate Conception ChurchTisdaleFeb. 20-22
2231773Zenon ParkGilbert Daoust 306-767-2521Notre Dame de la NativiteZenon ParkFeb. 23-25
2273153Pope John Paul II-NipawinDennis Francais 306-862-9232St. Eugene ChurchNipawinFeb. 26-28
2271403Canadian Martyrs-Carrot RiverAlbert Tkach 306-768-2613Canadian Martyrs ChurchCarrot RiverFeb. 29-Mar. 2
2259683Father Desmond-Hudson BayRichard Zens 306-865-2597St. Dominic ChurchHudson BayMar. 3-5
2171383Father Novak-Preeceville-SturgisVerner Sikorski 306-548-4304St. Patrick Church SturgisPreeceville-SturgisMar. 6-8
2158613Father Decorby-CanoraKen Rolheiser 306-563-6680St. Joseph ChurchCanoraMar. 9-11
2161323Father Ruelle-KamsackMervin PolzenSt. Stephen's ChurchKamsackMar. 12-14
1120313St. Gerard`s-YorktonJeff Krasowski 306-783-5384St. Gerard ChurchYorktonMar. 15-17
1151823Father Delaere-YorktonSteve Popowich 306-783-5441St. Mary's U.C. ChurchYorktonMar. 18-20
1153203Father Hendrik Boels-ItunaMichaael Spilchuk 306-795-2941St. Stanislaus ChurchItunaMar. 21-23
1152013Father Pander-MelvilleRobin Kapitoler 306-728-3037St. Henry ChurchMelvilleMar. 24-26
1159653Father Seltmann-GraysonTBDSt. Mary ChurchGraysonMar. 27-29
1052493EsterhazyRyan Lamb 306-745-6565Our Lady of VictoriesEsterhazyMar.31-Apr.2
1061823John XXIII-GeraldCurt Orth 306-743-2878St. Wenceslaus ChurchGeraldApr. 15-17
1054083St. Joseph`s-LangenburgMark Neunier 306-743-2625St. Joseph ChurchLangenburgApr. 18-20
1058583Father David Gilles-MoosominWayne Bunz 306-434-5113St. Mary ChurchMoosominApr. 21-23
1063623WhitewoodBradley Jeannot 306-538-2178St. Joseph ChurchWhitewoodApr. 27-29
2815172SaskatoonEdward Frank 306-371-0506St. Paul's Co-CathedralSaskatoonJan. 6-8
2549382Sheptytsky-SaskatoonGerald Bodnarchuk 306-651-3392St. Volodymyr ChapelSaskatoonJan. 9-11
2795382Mother of Perpetual Help-SaskatoonJose Alas 306-952-2156St. Mary's parishSaskatoonJan. 12-14
28119362St. John Bosco-SaskatoonKen Jacobi 306-665-1665St. John Bosco ParishSaskatoonJan. 15-17
2782792Msgr. Robinson-SaskatoonAndrew Loken 306-384-8568St. Patrick's ChurchSaskatoonJan. 18-20
26114292San Lorenzo Ruiz-SaskatoonJohn Voltaire Bomusao 306-281-5620St. Francis ChurchSaskatoonJan. 21-23
27121562St. Peter the Apostle-SaskatoonIan Mercer 306-978-3380St. Peter the Apostle ChurchSaskatoonJan. 24-26
2783012Saint Martyrs-Canadien-SaskatoonRemi Valois 306-683-1986Saint Martyrs-CanadiensSaskatoonJan. 27-29
2786382St. Anne's-SaskatoonJesse Greenwald 306-933-3958St. Anne ChurchSaskatoonJan. 30-Feb. 1
2796902Immaculate Heart of Mary-MartensvilleMartin Rancourt 306-384-6913Immaculate Heart of Mary ChurchMartensvilleFeb. 2-4
28105802St. Thomas More College-SaskatoonTBDCampusSaskatoonFeb. 5-7
2851042Father O'Leary-SaskatoonJohn Bohnke 306-373-1822St. Joe's Church (8th & Broadway)SaskatoonFeb. 8-10
2626952Sacred Heart Chaldean Church-SaskatoonRay Shammas 306-220-1244Sacred Heart Chaldean ChurchSaskatoonFeb. 11-13
2695392St. Philip Neri-SaskatoonKen Martin 306-653-5468St. Philip Neri ChurchSaskatoonFeb. 14-16
28117752SS Peter & Paul-SaskatoonDwayne Sabulsky 306-280-7836St. Peter & Paul U.C ParishSaskatoonFeb. 17-19
26118882Mary Mother of the Church-SaskatoonGregory Wurzer 306-242-5035Our Lady of Lourdes ChurchSaskatoonFeb. 20-22
28131292St. Josaphat Kunsevich-SaskatoonLoran Chrusch 306-249-2233Dormition of the Blessed Mother of God U.C. ParishSaskatoonFeb. 23-25
2682152Denis Mahoney-SaskatoonRoland LaFleche 306-665-0866The Cathedral of the Holy FamilySaskatoonFeb. 26-28
25105872St. Augustine-SaskatoonGlen Hauser 306-717-3826St. Augustine ChurchSaskatoonFeb. 29-Mar. 2
2589052Holy Spirit-SaskatoonBob Wacholtz 306-933-9499Holy Spirit ChurchSaskatoonMar. 3-5
1461692Msgr. Tombu-BiggarManfred Baum 306-948-3403St. Gabriel the Archangel ChurchBiggarMar. 6-8
1455492Mount Carmel-LandisLeo Schwebius 306-658-4606Our Lady of Fatima ChurchLandisMar. 9-11
1435752St. Joseph-WilkieTimothy Nestmann 306-843-2005St. James ChurchWilkieMar. 12-14
1457072UnityJeff Krupka 306-228-7946St. PeterUnityMar. 15-17
1556262Father Bigonesse-BattlefordTodd Bailey 306-317-9345St. Vital ChurchBattlefordMar. 18-20
1520942North BattlefordJohn Vany 306-445-5306St. Andre ApotreNorth BattlefordMar. 21-23
1558782Hamelin-North BattlefordHubert Blais 306-446-4365St. Jean de la Salle ChurchDelmasMar. 24-26
1573362St. Joseph Calasanctius-North BattlefordPaul McAllister 306-446-4680St. Joseph Calasanctius ChurchNorth BattlefordMar. 27-29
1556942John XXIII-Vawn-EdamDennis de Montarnal 306-397-2513St. Hippolyte/Christ the KingVawn-EdamMar.31-Apr.2
1952562Father Hermes-St. WalburgDenis Giasson 306-845-9667Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary ChurchSt. WalburgApr. 15-17
1954792Father Schultz-GoodsoilTheodore Stremick 306-238-7409St. Boniface ChurchGoodsoilApr. 18-20
1952592Meadow LakeKevin Rutt 306-240-6661Our Lady of Peace ChurchMeadow LakeApr. 21-23
1634562DebdenMichael Beaulac 306-468-7740St. Jean Baptiste ChurchDebdenApr. 27-29
1697612St. Agatha-ShellbrookAlbert Dion 306-747-3301St. Agatha ChurchShellbrookApr. 30-May 2
1653532SpiritwoodArmand Smith 306-883-2480Sacred Heart ChurchSpiritwoodMay 3-5
16108562Father Phil Relland-LeovilleReal Pouliot 306-984-2461Ste. Therese de I'Enfant ChurchLeovilleMay 6-8
112471ReginaBrad Breit 306-586-8208St. Anne'sReginaJan. 6-8
3124151Santo Nino-ReginaRueben Mercado 306-775-0224Blessed Sacrament ChurchReginaJan. 9-11
2159551Campion-ReginaBen Breit 306-502-9731Campion CollegeReginaJan. 12-14
3107971Holy Family-ReginaJim Yarotski 306-530-4472Holy Family ChurchReginaJan. 15-17
415341Father Lawless-Moose JawDavid Corry 306-684-1201St. Joseph's ChurchMoose JawJan. 18-20
497601Father Gilpin-Moose JawPat Meuse 306-692-8111Church of Our LadyMoose JawJan. 21-23
917311WeyburnAime Isabey 306-842-2383St. Vincent de Paul ChurchWeyburnJan. 24-26
931611RadvilleLeonard Vande Velde 306-842-5597Holy Family ChurchRadvilleJan. 27-29
9104001TorquayMathew Marcotte 306-923-2212Sacred Heart ChurchTorquayJan. 30-Feb. 1
931651EstevanSheldon Spilchuk 306-634-6852St. John the Baptist ChurchEstevanFeb. 2-4
952481Father Michael
Dexter Cote 306-487-7102Our Lady of Seven Sorrows ChurchLampmanFeb. 5-7
9103171Moose Mountain-CarlyleRichard Weber 306-455-2501Church of Our LadyCarlyleFeb. 8-10
948501Msgr. Gaire-RedversTodd Garnier 306-452-7203Our Lady of Fatima ChurchRedversFeb. 11-13
838021WindthorstEric Schneider 306-308-0087St. Pius ChurchWindthorstFeb. 14-16
875641Father Felix Juzynic-CandiacJohn Klapak 306-424-7198St. Joseph ChurchCandiacFeb. 17-19
8102651WolseleyGarth Domokos 306-698-2215St. Anne ChurchWolseleyFeb. 20-22
835591MontmartreGerry Fisher 306-424-7708Sacred Heart of Jesus ChurchMontmartreFeb. 23-25
863811KendalDennis Kress 306-424-7198St. Ignatius ChurchKendalFeb. 26-28
7102391Father Zimmerman-BalgonieOrville Corbin 306-771-2650St. JosephBalgonieFeb. 29-Mar. 2
7129431Father Joe Balzer-Indian HeadEdwin Haid 306-695-3570St. Joseph ChurchIndian HeadMar. 3-5
7100291Mary Immaculate-Fort Qu'AppelleJohn Koolen 306-332-6337Our Lady of Sorrows ChurchFort Qu’AppelleMar. 6-8
755571DysartGary Kayter 306-432-2141St. John the Baptist ChurchDysartMar. 9-11
364931SoutheyBrett Geiger brett00geiger@gmail.comSt. JamesSoutheyMar. 12-14
3104011Holy Trinity-ReginaAlex Wlodarczyk 306-924-2202Holy Trinity R.C. ParishReginaMar. 15-17
2104181Good Samaritan-ReginaLukose Luka 306-543-0303Our Lady of PeaceReginaMar. 18-20
359491Father Burns-ReginaEd Ratcliffe 306-924-4079St. CeceliaReginaMar. 21-23
142801Langevin-ReginaJean Duperreault 306-737-3644St. Jean BaptisteReginaMar. 24-26
147041Holy Rosary-ReginaTyler Wolfe 306-5307200Holy Rosary CathedralReginaMar. 27-29
192781Fr. Charles Gibney-ReginaCharles Dubois 306-584-8852Christ the KingReginaMar.31-Apr.2
1103131St. Martin dePorres-ReginaGareth Jones 306-751-0121St. MartinReginaApr. 15-17
259141Bishop Budka-ReginaJames Empey 306-551-9679St. Basil's U.C. ChurchReginaApr. 18-20
298591Msgr. Gerein-ReginaLen Jelinski 306-352-6231Holy Cross ParishReginaApr. 21-23
288961Archbishop O'Neil-ReginaNorbert Philippe 306-789-0073Holy Child ParishReginaApr. 27-29
3113071St. Peter's-ReginaKenneth Hegel 306-543-3446St. Peter's ChurchReginaApr. 30-May 2
3171901St. John Paul IIAgnel George 306-450-9412St. AthanasiusReginaMay 3-5
2132141Resurrection-ReginaGeorge Smadu 306-541-4889Resurrection R.C. ParishReginaMay 6-8
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