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KofC Canadian Training October 2021

Thank you to those who have joined us for training coming from our Canadian training “Menu”. 

Please be advised that these training sessions are LIVE AND INTERACTIVE. You can ask questions and the presenters will answer in real-time.

 For you today, you will find here the October Menu.

Your Canadian Supreme Fraternal Mission team has now concluded the October “Menu” for your use and SHARE with your MEMBERS/OFFICERS. This “Menu” is intended to assist your officers and/or members in their training needs from the comfort of their homes, via computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

New Feature. In the Menu, you will find many GoToWebinar live links (they will have the word “register” in the link).

Recommendation: Click today on the links of training that you are interested in attending. Once you register, the system will then be set to send you reminders prior to the set time and date. This way, you will not miss important training that you are interested in attending.

The links in the Menu are live which means you just click on them from the document and your session will start.

Vivat Jesus!
Alain Cayer
Territorial Growth Director – Canada

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