June 2019 Faith Program Director Report

A couple of brief comments as we near the end of this Columbian year.

This was our first full year of the new Faith in Action programs model. Under the Faith Program category, Councils likely saw some of the programs as familiar (RSVP & Rosary programs), while others such as the Spiritual Reflection program (required) may have been a bit of a struggle to comply fully with the requirements. Having gone through this year, we will be better positioned to prepare & organize in the various program areas.

A quick ‘shout-out’ to GK Agnel George (# 5949). A tremendous recruitments job this year! Also, it’s not often that someone we know has their picture in the Columbian magazine. You’ve hit the ‘big time’ now Agnel! Congratulations!

Wishing you all a safe & relaxing summer. Take care out there.


June 2019 Faith Program Director Report 1
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