July 2019 State Program Director’s Message

Brother Knights:

July 1st marks the start of a brand-new year. The start of the new fraternal year brings new leaders, new programs and new goals. Congratulations to all elected Grand Knights, whether newly elected or re-elected. Your position is one of importance and pride. The State Service Program Directors and Chairmen are ready to help you attain Star Council. Congratulations to the following State Program Directors – Faith Director – Paul Ponak, Family Director – Ron Denis, Community Director – John Marshall, Life Director – Gerald Wiegers and to all the Chairmen in the four Faith in Action categories.

Also, welcome to all new and returning District Deputies for this Fraternal Year.

Faith In Action Program Model

  • Make implementing Faith in Action in all of our councils a top priority.
  • Work with your Chaplains/Priests.
  • Focus on Family Activities – quality faith-filled programs that engage the family.
  • Involve more Knights in your council programs.
  • Good programs lead to healthy councils, strong membership growth, and great retention.
  • To find up-to-date information about all Faith in Action programs, general announcements and form updates, check out the website at www.kofc.org/faithinaction.
  • The link for Building the Domestic Church: The Family Fully Alive is https://www.kofc.org/un/en/domestic-church/

Supreme Forms – Please Submit These Important Annual Forms:

  • Form 365 – Service Program Personnel Report – due August 1.
  • Form 1295 – Semi-annual Council Audit Report – due August 15.
  • Forms are available and can be downloaded from the Supreme website kofc.org/forms. Please review and get familiar with the newly revised forms.

2019-2020 Program Reporting Form Change

  • All councils are required to start using Form 10784 – Fraternal Programs Report Form in reporting your council Fraternal programs. This form replaces the Council Activity Program Description Form. Complete Form 10784 soon after you have finished a Supreme or State program.
  • Form 10784 is available on www.kofc.org and www.kofcsask.com websites.
  • Please email a copy of this document to fraternalmission@kofc.org and to programs@kofcsask.com.
  • Thank you for your cooperation in this change. One less form to fill out.

July Issue of Supreme Knightline

Safe Environment – Office of Youth Protection:

  • Safe Environment Program – a requirement for 4 positions:
    • Grand Knight – training
    • Program Director – training
    • Family Director – training and background check
    • Community Director – training and background check
    • It is important for councils to be Safe Environment compliant early.
    • Remain compliant with updated Safe Environment requirements (see kofc.org/safe for details).

 Helpful Supreme Links

  • kofc.org/ChurchDrive — Tips on how to conduct a Church Recruitment Drive.
  • kofc.org/FaithInAction — Faith in Action landing page.
  • kofc.org/forms — Council, district, state, and assembly forms.
  • kofc.org/membership — Tools to help with membership recruitment and growth.
  • kofc.org/star — information and requirements for the Star Council Award.

Upcoming State Events

  • Millennium Pro-Life Cross Pilgrimage – Aberdeen – August 25
  • Charity Appeal – Denzil – November 2
  • For more information on these events, please visit www.kofcsask.com

Remember that your Parish Priest will continue with daily and weekly Sunday Masses, we as Knights should also continue our good works throughout the summer.

Regularly meet with your pastor to discuss Faith in Action programs.

Thank you for all you do for the Knights.

If you have any questions about the new “Faith in Action” programs, please feel free to contact me.

Eugene Achtemichuk
State General Program Director
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