July 2019 Cultural Diversity Report

Greetings Brother Knights,

The 2018 – 2019 Columbian Year for the Cultural Diversity Committee was a success by reaching other Parishes and small towns. Doing Church drives became the best way to reach Ethnic Catholic Immigrants. I can say it’s not easy but by talking and interacting with them in their parishes enabled us to reach their ears and touch their hearts and soul. It is not a quick process but now they can begin to think of their own value and how they are important to the church. They can begin to think about how they can participate in their own way.

Doing the pulpit announcement and by mingling with them after the Mass sends messages to their subconscious mind and touches their hearts by asking questions to themselves about what is their purpose in life. People are very busy in their daily lives but somehow their belief of going to church for the blessing never failed and they think it’s already enough. Yes, their faith is still there but some went further gradually to the real mission in life to the most persistent and urgent question of “ What are you doing for others?”

“Remember that our perception of the world is a reflection of our state of consciousness.”

 By doing church drives and visiting parishes we awaken them up gradually and it works mentally to change their hearts and souls.

It is very simple to understand that culture is the result of languages, values, shared experiences and meanings; do not forget the bonds of identity and again by continued pulpit announcements and talking to them personally, we’re building bridges between us and between people and church.

Building bridges to the cultural divide is an important concept to discipleship and brotherhood. And in this, positive experiences are the best way to share and to start relationships. By sharing positive experiences through purposeful “encounters” helps to bridge the language gap and creates liminal spaces for new discoveries. And although most of them are busy, there is no obstacle for them to join our Order through online membership because their minds are now open to serve others in different ways. And upon receiving the news or updates they will believe in what the Knights of Columbus have already done in the society and will look forward to joining the degree.

To my Co-Chairman Bro. Agnel George and to our coordinators, it is a great work indeed, and to all brother knights, thanks to all of you. I pray for the continued success of this committee every year and there is only one thing we need to do, “reach all men, wherever they are at and no matter how far they are”.

And a special thanks to all Brother Knights. Let’s help one another to continue bridging the gap in every second, every minute, and every hour in every day at every opportunity we get.

And last, Congratulations to our Worthy State Deputy Chris Bencharski for his leadership by achieving our goals and our dreams in our jurisdiction.

He lifts up the profile of the province of Saskatchewan in Canada.

A big pride for all of us Knights in Saskatchewan for winning the Canada Cup and landing in a good spot in the whole Order of the Knights of Columbus.

Congratulations to all Brother Knights and thanks for the great job you have done.

Marte Clemente Nogot
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