Important Information Re Convention, Council Programs and Coronavirus

Dear Saskatchewan Fraternal Leaders,

Please read the important items below and communicate with your members,

  1. The State Convention, as a physical gathering, in Prince Albert is cancelled.
  2. Saskatchewan has alternate plans to hold a virtual convention which will include using some software that is presently being looked at by Supreme. Further details will be sent to councils as soon as more information is made available.
  3. We ask councils, DDs and State Program Directors to continue the following:
  • Send your council credential forms to Gerry Gieni at the State Office:
    Box 61, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, S6H 4N7 -or email
  • DDs, State Program Directors and State Officers are asked to send their reports to Gerry Gieni at the Office by April 7th as we will still print a convention book that will include all necessary reports and information for the Virtual Convention.
  • We will have an election for all State Officer positions as required by our State Bylaws. This year, there will also be an opening to elect a new Warden. Those brother knights who wish to let their name stand for the position of State Warden should send a short bio signed by 2 Grand Knights to Gerry Gieni– by April 2nd.
  • All those who want to let their name stand for election as an Insurance or Associate Delegate should send a bio signed by two Grand Knights to Gerry Gieni — by April 2nd…
  • The state will go ahead with awards to councils. The lists will be printed in the convention book. Awards will be sent to DDs to present to councils. 
  • Please submit the following to Eugene Achtemichuk by March 20th:
    • 10784 – Fraternal Program Report
    • 10680 – Family of the Year Form
    • STSP – State Council Service Program Award Entry Form
  1. All those who have booked a hotel room should phone the hotel and cancel their room. Registration fees will be refunded to all who have registered.
  2. Councils are asked not to close down shop. Continue to do what can be done as long as Sask. Health and Supreme Protocol is followed. I have attached the letter from the Supreme Knight which includes how a council can function safely and smartly. See the link here.
  3. Supreme is asking all Jurisdictions to begin softer membership recruitment, program, and meetings approach which would include the following:
  • If Mass is still being held, talk to your parish priest to place the online bulletin announcement and online poster as inserts in the bulletin. See link #1 here. See link #2 here.
  • Continue to do one-on-one online recruitment and follow-up with any prospects. This can be done by email, by personal phoning or in some cases by one on one personal visits…
  • Degrees can still be held with small numbers in the council chamber or at people’s homes. Keep a 6-foot distance between candidates and have hand sanitizers available. We also recommend that investing officers use gloves when investing the candidates with the Rosary and K of C Pin. The decision to hold degrees will be left to the council.
  • Programs and Meetings: Councils can follow the Sask. Health Guidelines
    and Supreme Protocol to do things smartly and safely. There are things we can do without completely closing down the shop. Again, the decision will be left to the council as to what programs can still be conducted smartly and safely.
  1. Us as State Leaders need to be concerned and effective about the health and safety of our members, and not to add confusion, fear, and anxiety to a difficult situation.
  2. It is also a time to place our trust in Jesus and to pray the Rosary to our Lady of Guadalupe for the protection and health of all of our members in our councils in Sask. 
  3. Councils members are also asked to conduct the 9-day Novena for safety and good health of all Knights in Sask. – see link here.
Chris Bencharski
Chris Bencharski

Vivat Jesus and Stay Safe
Chris Bencharski – State Deputy of Sask.

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