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Guidelines to the new Council meetings

I am hoping the Councils are following the new guidelines Supreme set out for Council meetings (Officer Planning AND General Meeting). While anyone can attend both, the planning meeting is primarily for those who plan the events and solve the issues. These meetings could run a bit longer than normal, and the general meeting is for the “General Membership” which has been streamlined to speed up the meeting and promote some socializing after the meeting. The overall goal is to increase attendance and promote better planning sessions. I would suggest reviewing the Booklet “The Guidelines for Council Meetings (#10318) listed below.

2021.01.16 – SV Session – 10318 11-20 Guidelines for Council Meetings

Click here to download Booklet 10318.

2021.01.16 – SV Session -New Guidelines for Council Meetings – Q and A

Click here to download Questions and Answers about Booklet 10318.

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