Family of the Year 2019-2020

We are very privileged and honoured to introduce the 2019-2020 State Family of the Year – Donald & Charlotte Pion and Family from Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Saskatoon, SK.

Brother Don is a member of Council #11888 – Mary Mother of the Church, Saskatoon. He is one of the original Charter members of the council. Don was instrumental in starting the council. He has held many positions – Grand Knight, trustee, and presently is the Lecturer and Faith in Action and Vocations Director. Don has been a field agent in the Insurance agency and has operated the Knights of Columbus Hall in Saskatoon for many years.

Don has had a number of jobs. He has been a salesman almost all of his life and very successful in all the jobs where he worked. Don and his wife, Charlotte, have five children. All adults – four sons and one daughter. Two of their sons work in the music industry, one works for one of the Parishes in our diocese and one works for CNIB. Their daughter is married and has 5 children. All four sons are currently inactive members of the Knights due to family commitments and their work. Their daughter is married to a brother Knight in council #11888.

Don, some 45 years ago had a personal conversion encounter experience. Since then he has been a very active member of the church along with his wife and family. They are very musically talented. Charlotte has been teaching music for a long time. 

Their children have followed in the same footsteps as their parents. Don and Charlotte have headed the music ministry for over 25 years in Our Lady of Lourdes Church, have sung at many weddings, funerals, open houses, conferences, and the list goes on.

The family is widely known for their good works and openness to inviting others to be a part of their family. For many years Don and his family were part of a Christian community which was an extension of the family within the Parish which they were a part of and also was an elder in the community. Don has counseled many men in their Christian walk of faith and Charlotte has done also for countless women. They have encouraged many as a couple and given a great testimony of married life as a couple. Don is the eldest in his immediate family. When his father passed away, he became the extended father for his brothers and sisters and has carried that role with dignity. His own mother is in a care home and she relies on them for everything. They have fulfilled their duties as faithful children and continue to do so to this very day. Don and Charlotte’s family are very close to each other with Don being the one they all look up to for guidance and encouragement. As a family, they have sustained each other through many trials and failures, yet have remained true to themselves as a family and in their personal walk of faith.

Congratulations, to our State Family of the Year – Donald & Charlotte Pion and their Family.

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