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Mid-Term Meeting – Melfort – December 6-8 2019

December 6 - December 8



Melfort, Saskatchewan- Nov. Dec. 6, 7, 8, 2019


Objectives :

  1. Clarify Membership Roles and Expectations
  2. Team Building Activities– Friday/Saturday
  3. Review of Strategic Plan- key strategies, jurisdiction goals and priorities
  4. Membership Initiatives- Targets, priorities, best practices, recruitment, retention, online membership
  5. New Faith in Action Program Model- Implementation Strategies
  6. DD Action Plan- Review to date & specific targets in membership and programming to June 30th, 2020
  7. Motivation- Wheel Chair Distribution-Poland- video

                   –Team Building Mixers

                   –Motivation Video- Commitment


FRIDAY EVENING – December 6th

4:00    Registration-Our Lady of Consolation Church Hall- 104 Crawford Avenue West

5:30    State Board Officers join SD Chris to welcome people as they arrive

6:15    Welcome Remarks/Motivation Remarks

-SD Chris

-State Chaplain Bishop Bryan Bayda

-Supreme Western Canada Growth Director Guy Precourt

6:30    Grace/Supper/Socializing

                         Grace- Associate State Chaplain Father Ed Gibney

Supper and Socializing

Wheelchairs to Poland Video

 7:30    Leadership Building Activities—-Groups of  10

  • Activity 1- Leadership Activity #1- What Motivates You?
  • Activity 2- Leadership Activity #2- Ideas For Greater Accountability- How will you hold yourself and your councils accountable?

8:15   Team Building Activities, Fraternity, Social Media Presentation, Entertainment

9:30   Closing Prayer—Bishop Bryan Bayda


SATURDAY – December 7th

7:00    Breakfast/Grace – Canalta Hotel—100 Stonegate—Hwy 6


8:00    Welcome/ O Canada/Opening Ode

8:05   State Chaplain’s Spiritual Reflections—State Chaplain Bishop Bryan Bayda

8:25     State Deputy Opening Remarks– Chris–SD

8:32     Western Canada Growth Director’s Opening Remarks- Guy Precourt


8:40    Review of Jurisdiction Action Plan—State Officers


9:00    District Deputy   

  • How District Deputies Can Help Drive Growth- SWCGD Guy Precourt
  • How District Deputies Can Set The Tone On A Positive Council Experience- SWCGD Guy Precourt

  10:00   District Deputy

  • Follow up on DD Webinars, Resources, Forms, Expectations- State Trainer Bob Barkman, SD Chris
  • Membership Initiatives- SA/SMD Marte

 10:20     Fourth Degree– Master Pat Meuse       

10:30    Coffee break

MEMBERSHIP  -Membership Team

10:45    Membership Campaign and Second Half Review– Power Point- SA/SMD Marte and SD

Chris- Goals, Stats, Initiatives, Techniques, Strategic Plans

11:10    Star Council Update/Requirements- SW Greg Dozorec

              Star District Requirements– SS Joe Riffel

11:20     How DDs Can Help Councils With Faith In Action– SWCGD Guy Precourt

11:50   Associate State Chaplain’s Spiritual Reflections– Associate state Chaplain Father Ed Gibney

12:00   Lunch—Ladies join us

Grace- Associate State Chaplain Father Ed Gibney

12:40   New Council Development– NCD Chairman Agnel George

  12:50   Council Retention/Reactivation/Mergers– IPSD Brian

1:10     Online Membership- Online Membership Chairman James Nestmann

1:20     Agency As Partners- General Agent Mark Lewans

1:40     Member Retention– Retention Chairman Ken Dumont/State Trainer Bob Barkman

2:20     Cultural Diversity– Cultural Diversity Chairman Marte Nogot

  2:30    Coffee and Nutrition Break

2:40   Roundtables – Membership and Programs- Roundtable Chairman Al Dion

2:50   Ceremonials- State Ceremonials Chairman/PSD Denis Carignan


 3:10     Faith In Action Program Update- SGPD Eugene Achtemichuk

3:30    Closing Prayer- State Chaplain Bishop Bryan Bayda

5:00     Mass

6:30     Banquet and Program


SUNDAY, December 8th

7:00    Breakfast—Canalta Hotel

8:00    Opening Prayer- State Chaplain Bishop Bryan Bayda

8:05      Faith Programs—Paul Ponak—State Faith Director

8:15      Life Programs—Gerald Wiegers—State Life Director

8:25      Family Programs- Ron Denis—State Family Director

8:35      Community Programs—Dale Meier—State Community Director

 8:45    Working With Your Pastor- State Chaplain Bishop Brian Bayda

8:55    Charitable Foundation—Harvey Granatier—CEO

–Expanding Our Charitable Footprint

9:20     Wheelchair Report—Executive Secretary Gerry Gieni

9:25     State Events– — State Events Chairman SS Joe Riffel

9:30   Office of Youth Protection— SA Marte Nogot

9:40   Forms/Reports– SGPD Eugene Actemichuk

 10:00  Coffee and Nutrition Break

10:10      State Convention—Update and Plans to Maximize Attendance

10:20      Communications Report –Peter Folk—Webmaster

10:30     DD Expense Forms/Fund—State Treasurer Larry Packet

  • DD Expense Forms and Submitting Claims – Within/Outside of District—ST Larry Packet
  • DD Fund—ST Larry Packet
  • Expense Forms and Submitting Claim-ST Larry Packet

10:40      Executive Secretary—Gerry Gieni


Cluster Meetings: Development/Review of District Plans

DD Plan For  2019-2020

DDs will be asked to complete the plan on the DD Planning Work Sheet which will be

         sent to each District Deputy on November 1st.

       DDs will email a copy before December 4th  to the SD, Cluster Leader and Supreme

         Regional Trainer Ryan  Dehaan

11:50    Motivational Piece

11:55    SD Charge—SD Chris

12:00    Closing Prayer– State Chaplain Bishop Bryan Bayda

12:05    Photos

             Farewell Lunch


                     31ST TO MOTIVATE YOUR COUNCILS


                     Best Wishes for Success— From the State Officers


December 6
December 8
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K of C Saskatchewan State Council
Pope John XXIII Council #5788 – Melfort


Our Lady of Consolation Church Hall
104 Crawford Avenue West
Melfort, SK Canada
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