Nativity Set

Denis Mahoney Council 8215 Nativity Set Sale

The Knights of Columbus Denis Mahoney Council 8215 is again promoting the message “Keep Christ in Christmas”.

We are doing this by offering for sale a weatherproof wooden Nativity set. Made from ½ inch plywood, paint ready. These are made by a high-tech router lathe with little or no waste from a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood.

Our council is now taking orders and payment of $85.00 ea. Each wood set will be accompanied by a fridge/car magnet. Shipment from Saskatoon can be arranged with our Council and the purchaser.

The plywood set measures about 4 feet high and wide.

Place an order by text message, call or email.

Garry Maier 306 221-5893        

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