Cultural Diversity Report – March 2020

Dear Brother Knights,


Lenten season is the most solemn religious time of year for all of us. It begins on Ash Wednesday. This is a season of reflection and preparation before the celebration of Easter. Here, all of us replicate our Lord Jesus’ suffering and withdrawal into the desert for 40 days.

Being a Knight we need to set aside time to prepare for this. First is to set our mind willingly because it is our duty, we are followers of Jesus and we are lucky to have this opportunity every year. Second is we need to open our hearts a little wider and understand our Lord Jesus a little deeper so that when Good Friday and eventually Easter comes, it is not just another day at the Church but again a great opportunity to receive the overflowing grace God has to offer to all of us.

But before this. we need to examine ourselves. I encourage anyone to stand in front of your mirror alone. Look into your own eyes and stare at it for at least ten seconds. After that let’s start to think of our sinful natures because we cannot return to God if we will ignore our past. By doing this we can also start to think and contemplate what Jesus did for us in the Cross. The next you need to do is when you come to your Church please stand in front of the Cross where Jesus nailed. When do you remember that you look at him eye to eye? Do you think it ‘s pretty ?…

“Well the purpose of Lent does not stop at sadness and despair – it points us to the hope of the resurrection and the day when every tear will be dried. (Rev. 21:4)”

The nature of suffering is not one that offers itself to easy explanations, the answers we seek seem to make the most sense in light of the Cross. There is nothing in the world – no religion, philosophy or material comfort that offers such a powerful answer to life’s toughest question as to the two slabs of wood on which our Saviour died. Although people were drawn to Christianity in search of joy, it is the Cross that keeps us coming back day after day, year after year. It is this time of year, known as Lent. that people are reminded of what Jesus did for us.

When you look into the eyes of Jesus nailed in the cross, you will have a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or maybe wonder – suddenly the complexity of our Lord, the love of our Lord, the humanity of our Lord shows through. We will realize God is not just some nebulous energy source or a grandfather sitting in the clouds, He is so much more.

The Cross is where our faith stands when all other faiths fail. Christ’s sacrifice and his subsequent resurrection are the true “cruxes” of the Christian faith. Without one there would be no salvation, without the other, no hope. This is why Good Friday and the following Easter Sunday are the most important dates in our calendar.

Let us do what we had to do to restore the broken relationship with our Lord.


Marte Clemente Nogot

SA Marte Clemente Nogot
State Cultural Diversity / SMD
Email: [email protected]

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