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Council Sample Retention Plan – Procedures

  • Develop a 3 Part Plan
    • Smart Roster Management
    • Develop The Plan
    • Implement and Work The Plan
  • Smart Roster Management – How Does it Work
    • Take Stock of Your Members – Analysis
    • Assess Your Members – Place Into Groups
      • regularly attend meetings and council programs
      • attend programs, but not meetings
      • regular, honorary, honorary life, disabled
      • members in arrears- number of years
      • members who have moved to other parts of Sask. or out of province
      • charter members, etc.
  • Develop A Plan
    • Form A Retention Committee
      • GK, DGK, MD, 3 Trustees, DD, Council Chaplain, Agent, Council Retention
    • Each Member of the Committee Takes Some Members To Visit
    • The Committee Will develop A List Of Talking Points To Use For
      Member Visits
  • Implement and Work the Plan – Application
    • The Committee Will Use the Talking Points During Member Visits
    • Retention Committee Members Will Contact Members:
      • check to see how they are doing
      • discuss the situation
      • get and note feedback
      • arrange personal visits for “At-Risk Members and reconcile any issues
  • If Successful Contact Is Made:
    • Work With the Member
      • Introduce yourself and give pertinent information to the member
      • listen to the member
      • rectify any issues which the member may have
      • emphasize the importance of being a member and good works knights do
      • find out what the member wants to get out of the knights or he feels he isn’t getting
      • keep notes of your findings
      • keep communicating and reaching out to the member if he is interested
  • If Retention Attempts Fail:
    • Withdrawal- get a letter from the member written by the member
    • Suspension- Follow Procedures As Outlined In the Documents:
      Retention 1- Sask State Council Form
      Retention 2- Supreme Procedures
  • Retention Procedures
    • First and Second Billing Notices are sent to members
    • Financial Secretary sends the delinquent list to retention committee
    • Retention Committee assigns a member to contact each delinquent member- Face toFace.
    • Retention committee compiles report using the Sask. Form Request for Membership Retention – in the booklet
    • Financial Secretary sends Knight Alert letter to all delinquent members
    • District Deputy is notified of Retention results and all documentation used by the Retention Committee
    • District Deputy notifies State Retention Chairman and conducts due diligence
    • State Deputy reviews recommendation to determine concurrences
    • District Deputy provides feedback to Council on next action, either:
      Process Intent to Retain on all or some delinquent members; or
      Correct identified deficiencies as directed by the District Deputy and State Deputy
    • Council completes requested action based on feedback
    • If Intent to Retain (Form 1845) is filed with Membership Records, a mandatory 60-day hold is in place, meanwhile, council/district continue to work delinquency list
Chris Bencharski

Chris Bencharski- Immediate Past State Deputy
– Northern Sask. Member/Council Retention Chairman