Council/Member Growth and Development

By Chris Bencharski – IPSD

Dear Brother Knights of Saskatchewan,

 We are facing a difficult time as we deal with Covid-19 which has altered not only our normal day-day activities in our lives but also our participation in our Church and Knights of Columbus Council activities.

However, it is important to continue to participate in our Faith and Knights of Columbus Activities. Most important is to practice the Covid-19 Saskatchewan Health regulations to ensure the safety of ourselves and others.

it is also important to continue A PRESENCE in our church and with the members of the council. This includes engaging all members in programs, recruitment, retention and engagement.

Below are some Council Member Retention and Engagement ideas which focus on three main words:

    “COMMUNICATION”                   “PROMOTION”                      “MOTIVATION”


  • Phone all your members to see how they are doing and offer to assist your older members if they need help
  • Implement the ideas of the “Leave No Neighbor Behind” program.
  • Send anniversary cards and birthday cards to your members month by month.
  • Send get well cards to those who are undergoing health issues.
  • Forward all GK/FS bulletins to your members; provide them with the State and Supreme website addresses and encourage them to visit these websites.
  • Get the email address for all your members—you can do this when you phone them. Explain that you are gathering the email addresses of all members to better communicate with them during this time of the Covid-19 situation.
  • Inform your members about your council programs by email and through personal contact by phone through the phoning committee
  • Meet with the parish priest to have a conversation about the needs of the parish.
  • Continue to hold in-person executive meetings with the proper health regulations of social distancing and wearing of masks.
  • Council meetings can be virtual meetings that might encourage a higher attendance, especially from the older members.


  • Promote the free Online membership till Dec. 31st– PROMO CODE- MCGIVNEY2020
  • Place information on Free Online Membership on Car windshields in the church parking lot. Discuss this with your parish priest beforehand.
  • Posters on Online membership can be placed on community billboards or business in-store billboards.
  • Online Membership Information can be made available to pick up in businesses owned by brother knights and also placed in all ethnic stores.
  • Place information on your Church website and the Diocesan Website.
  • You may consider placing an ad in your local paper with the “Free Online Membership” information.
  • Forward the Incentive posters to all your members and encourage them to send the information to friends, neighbours and family members.
  • Email your present Online members with program and membership recruitment information and ask them to forward the information to neighbours, friends, co-workers and family members.
  • Promote the importance of being a knight: Email the benefits flyer to your members.
  • We need the Knights of Columbus in our parish for many reasons:
  1. The Knights of Columbus helps to build fraternity with other Catholic men. Catholic friendship among men has a dramatic impact on their faith lives. Men who have bonds of brotherhood with other Catholic men pray more, go to Mass and confession more frequently, read the scriptures more often, and are more active in the church and their faith.
  2. Iron sharpens iron. Proverbs tells us: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (27:17). Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix, in the book Into the Breach: AnExhortation for Catholic Men, calls on each of our priests and deacons to draw men together in their parishes and to begin to rebuild a vibrant and transforming fraternity. He calls on laymen to form small fellowship groups for mutual support and growth in their faith. There is no friendship like having a friend in Christ. The Knights of Columbus gives us a great opportunity to develop a fraternal catholic community and to grow in our faith.
  3. The church and society in general need the Knights of Columbus more than ever. We need to stand together to become a voice for defending Catholic values more than ever before in our history. As we can see, Christian moral principles are lacking in our society and we need a group like the Knights of Columbus to stand up for our faith and Christian moral principles.
  4. We need to continue all the charitable works which the Knights of Columbus are known for.


  • Encourage members to assist one another and to check in on the elderly members.
  • Recognize members for assisting in recruitment or programs.
  • Give praise where praise is due.
  • Ask Father to write inspiring messages in bulletins you send out to your members
  • Promote the Beatification of Father McGivney and raise awareness of our founder: For ideas, go to
  • Keep spirits high and encourage your members to be engaged in programs, recruitment, retention and engagement.
  • Use the “shining armour award” to recognize and to motivate your members.
  • Make use of the VIP Club certificates and pins to recognize your council recruiters.
  • Have draws for regular meeting attendance, for recruitment and program participation.
  • You might consider a monthly draw for a supper out for the knight and his wife.

 I thank all you for all the work you do to promote programs, recruitment, retention and engagement of the members in your council.

My wife Pat and I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving and we hope you will continue to be blessed with good health and happiness. Thanks again for all that you do to promote the Knights of Columbus in your parish.

 Vivat Jesus,

Chris Bencharski

Chris Bencharski- Immediate Past State Deputy
– Northern Sask. Member/Council Retention Chairman

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